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Hanuman, The Valiant

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Item Code: NAK959
Author: Lalita Ramakrishna
Publisher: Tattvaloka Publicaions, Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 978190848657
Pages: 48 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch x 7.0 inch
Weight 110 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
About the Book

This is a Fun Book on one of the most endearing characters of the Ramqyana. It highlights Hanuman's personality and his deeds in a special manner with puzzles and teasers. Search for Hanuman who is hiding and watching all people and their deeds in the Puzzle- pictures. Discover the valuable lessons we can learn from his actions.

Hanuman fascinates us because he is unique; his skill and loyalty exceed those of the best human beings. Even today we hear of superlative affection and intelligence shown by dogs, horses and elephants, who live and die for their masters.

In the Ramqyana, a whole chapter, the 5 undara Kanda, is named after Hanuman. He is (~mqyana maha-mala ratnam" --the central gem in the illustrious garland called Ramqyana--says Valmiki. Hanuman was as powerful as Rama but he wanted to use his abilities 'only' to serve Rama. Hanuman was the one who rendered immediate service during any crisis. He was the one chosen to bring water overnight from all the sacred rivers for Rama's Coronation.

Success in completion of a job (Karya siddhih), intelligence (matih) courage (viryam) and learning (vic(ya) are personified in this noble monkey.

The illustrations in the book are a labour of love by Aditi Visvanathan. She has completed her third year in Bachelor of Visual Arts at Stella Maris college, Chennai. Tattvaloka thanks Aditi for making her own imaginative depiction of Hanuman in various roles.




1 Kere Anjaneya Sringeri 5
2 Hanuman Has Many Names - Puzzle (P) 6
3 Birth of Hanuman 7
4 Sugriva's Monkey Kingdom. Look for Hanuman (P.pic) 8
5 Chronology of Events (P) 10
6 Panic among Celestials 11
7 So Many Boons 12
8 Childish Pranks 13
9 Hanuman's Relatives (P) 14
10 Hanuman's Education 15
11 Hanuman Frequents Hermitages. Catch Him (P.pic) 16
12 Ravana Tries to Delay Hanuman 18
13 Rakshasas Killed by Hanuman (P) 19
14 Desperate to Get Sanjivani 20
15 Hanuman Writes the Ramayana 21
16 Helped by Animals and Birds (P) 22
17 Rishis in the Ramayana (P) 23
18 Destroys Mahiravana 24
19 Why Was Hanuman Chosen? (P) 25
20 Revelry in Ravana's Palace. Find Hanuman (P.pic) 26
21 Why Is Hanuman Special? 28
22 Whose Comment Is This? (P) 29
23 Who, Why, How? (P) 30
24 Works on Hanuman 31
25 Sita Is distressed. Where Is Hanuman? (P.pic) 32
26 Fiery Warning to Ravana (P) 34
27 Hanuman Is a Powerful Symbol 35
28 Sun Dynasty (P) 36
29 Hanuman Mitigates Effect of Sani 37
30 Monkeys Fight Against Demons. Locate Hanuman (P.pic) 38
31 Hanuman Installs Siva Linga 40
32 Exemplary Qualities (P) 41
33 Different Forms of Hanuman 42
34 Identify the Different Forms (P) 43
35 Ramayana Recitation Today; Hanuman Is Listening (P.pic) 44
36 Who Is Hanuman? 46
37 Answers 47

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