Hatim Stories

Hatim Stories

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Item Code: NAD625
Author: Shyam Dua
Publisher: Tiny Tot Publications
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788130400235
Pages: 144
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch x 7.0 inch
Weight 480 gm
About the Book

This book is about the adventures of Hatimtai, the king of Yemen. Originally this story had been written many years back, but it remains popular even today, particularly among children.

What has inspired and fascinated the people generations after generations, are the humane qualities of kindness, generosity etc., which are displayed by the hero of the story. The book is engaging and interesting.

As the book is intended for children, the language of it. is simple and easy. Besides, it is well-illustrated also. We hope that you will appreciate our sincere efforts.

This book of Hatimtai is presented for children in a very simple & understandable way. Hatimtai was a brave, kind and adventurous person, who has fascinated and inspired the people of ages. Particularly in the minds of children, Hatimtai is a hero That makes these stories more interesting for them.

These stories are full of adventurous events and characters. Supernatural elements also add to the thrill. All these factor have swaying effects on the minds of readers and make the story engaging and interesting. Moreover, the young and innocent mind of children are inspired by the humane qualities of Hatimtai. This book is divided into three parts Hatimtai's Birth, Story of Husn Bano and the Seven Challenges. The language of this book is very easy and simple and it is well-illustrated and interestingly designed. There are some difficult words and sentences and some exaggerated events, but they are the necessities of these stories.

We hope that readers will find this book interesting and worthy of appreciations.


l.Hatimtai is Born4
2Husn Bano's Story11
3Muneer Shah's Problem31
4The First Challenge40
5The Second Challenge57
6The Third Challenge82
7The Fourth Challenge100
8The Fifth Challenge114
9The Sixth Challenge123
10The Seventh Challenge133
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