Health in Your Hand (Kundalini Awakening by Sigfa Method)
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Health in Your Hand (Kundalini Awakening by Sigfa Method)

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Author: Dr. B.K. Chandra Shekhar
Publisher: Teenage Publishers, Delhi
Language: English
ISBN: 9789385385339
Pages: 120 (28 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 140 gm

Staying healthy in the present times is more a matter of positive thinking and healthy lifestyle than popping pills and going for medical intervention.

Modern science has acknowledged the role of the psyche, thoughts and emotions in triggering healthy and unhealthy responses in the body. Whenever we hold something 'negative' in our consciousness, it blocks the flow of life energy in the neural-endocrinal axis leading to many diseases.

"A Youngman was lost in a jungle. For years and decades he roamed around without finding the way out or even spotting a human being. He longed for company and was delighted to find an old man coming towards him one day. In sheer ecstasy he asked him - "Sir, could you show me the Way out of the jungle". The old man replied - "If I Knew it, you would not have met me. I have been around here for decades but I can give you one solid clue though, don't take the road I took."

Moral of the parable "PLEASE do not tread the old path".

People with good intentions voluntarily pass new resolutions on some occasions / celebrations or on New Year eve to take a new path to a desired destination. But simple resolutions / new paths of success seem extremely difficult to follow ultimately leading to the same old outcome - FAILURE. Have we ever pondered over what could be the reason for this?

The reasons are self created obstacles disguised within our own personality traits, habits and prejudices ruling out any new learning. With time these traits seep down so deeply that we feel trapped in a vicious circle. Ultimately, when we do realize the huge gap between us and our extraordinary desires, our confidence wobbles.

Then what we should do to reduce this gap. Answer is very simple - "BREAK THE CHAIN" yes breaks the chain of all the unhealthy habits and learn a healthy lifestyle to rid us from all physical and mental ailments and sufferings.

We are all aware of the true picture of life these days. Amazing is the belief which we have now set in our minds accepting life as a mixture of happiness and sorrow. Good health is the fundamental character of life. "LIFE IS HEALTH". Sadly however, diseases have found a secure place in our lives. The moment disease (unease) / sorrow gets added "LIFE becomes UNHEALTHY". Does that mean that today everyone is unhealthy? What an irony when everyone wants to stay healthy.

How can we feel happy when we are actually UNHEALTHY?

"Health is Happiness" the sooner we realize this better it is for us. Health and happiness together in life is bound to turn all our dreams into REALITY.

Neurobics and Rajyoga is for all those readers who truly realize the importance of health and happiness in life.

During the treatment of Cancer, Hepatitis-C and Diabetes, B K Chandra Shekhar explored the techniques of Neurobics and found them to be uniquely effective and was blessed with a cure himself. This unusual experience gave him the confidence to experiment on other patients and to his surprise found the technique to be very effective in curing these life threatening ailments.


1. Foreword 7
2. From the Desk of Editor 11
3. Neurobics (The Perfect Lifestyle in India in the Golden Age) 13
4. Lifestyle in the silver Age 16
5. Neurobics ( The Root of All Yogic Exercise) 18
6. Holistic Health Through Psycho Neurobics 20
7. What is Mind? 25
8. Power of the Human Mind 27
9. How to Utilise Maximum Power of Mind 30
10. Difference Between Mind and Brain 32
11. Ensure Your Cure 33
12. Neurobics with hand Gestures 45
13. Empowering Neurobics 47
14. Purifying Neurobics 52
15. Joyful Neurobics 57
16. Loveful Neurobics 62
17. Peaceful neurobics 68
18. Englishtening Neurobics 73
19. Blissful Sound Neurobics 79
20. Dynamic Neurobics 85
21. Rajyoga for Happiness and Spiritual Attainments 90
22. Why Diseases are Psychosomatic? 95
23. Ways of Maintaining a Good Physical health 99
24. Neurobic Machine 117
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