Idol Immersion - Environmental Perspectives
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Idol Immersion - Environmental Perspectives

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Item Code: UAF677
Author: R.S. Dubey
Publisher: Manish Prakashan, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789385789397
Pages: 194 (55 Color and 4 Black and White Illustrations)
Other Details 9.00 X 6.00 inch
Weight 400 gm
About The Book

This updated text gives the fundamental knowledge of idols and their importance during worship and also its idol immersion based problems which have direct affect on the quality of natural water. Book has enough informative experimental data in each chapter. In this book both theoretical and practical aspects are well defined and explained as per guideline of Sanatan Dharm. The book has explained theosophical values of idol worship in uplifment of human beings. Manner of idols worship and their immersion as per Vaidic/Sanskrit literature are not harmful. Modern concept based idol immersion in natural water is more dangerous. Development of temporary pond near the banks of Ganga or other river basis is not a solution of the problem; its negative effect is well documented in this book. After immersion, burning of idols are very harmful which is not allowed by Sanatan Dharm and has a negative impact on idol worshiper and public conviction. The author does not suggest stopping idol worship. He wishes that idol making should be followed on Sanatan concepts as well describe in Sanskrit literature and there should be flow of river water during immersion periods which can be maintained at administrative authorities' level because they resolve water pollution and environmental issues.

About the Author

Dr. R. S. Dubey is an eminent scientist. He obtained his Ph. D. degree in 1996 from IIT, BHU, Varanasi, and has 21 years of research and teaching experience. Dr. Dubey is founder of GMG. He has more than 125 research publications to his credit in international, national journals and in conferences. He has received many national and international awards. His current areas of research include metal-microbe interaction (Microbial corrosion), biosensor, pollution and water treatment. Film "Tumhari Ganga" which has been designed and developed under direction of Dr. Dubey for protection of holy Ganga river. He is a life-member of many scientific, professional and social organizations. Dr Dubey is fully dedicated to development/establishment of new Vedic concept based efficient waste water treatment technology for replacement of modern sewage treatment process (STP).


The book has been designed as a scientific experiment based reference book for modern idol worshiper, idols makers, social activists, administrative authorities and judiciary which reveals ultimate facts for cause and resolving its problem which are generated after the idol immersion in natural water bodies. Without hesitation, the book has proven a boom for idol worship of Sanatan tradition (Parampara); judiciary judgments for designing and implementing the idol immersion for control of water pollution and keeping of Sanatanee' (Hinduism concepts) values.

Idol worship is scientifically fruitful for accumulation of eternal energy to new creation as per description of Sanskrit literature, its modernisation process is dangerous because it does not fulfil the purpose of worship and is not environmentally safe.

Sanatan Dharm cannot be described in words, which never confined to any boundary and never kept stagnant. It comprises of the oldest scriptures of the world, which have been supervising and nurturing people's sense since ages, and which would continue to do so till the presence of universe and mankind, through their ever evolving original philosophies.

Unfortunately, there are some people who criticise certain puja associated with Hinduism on the basis of their little knowledge, for example Murti Puja (Idol worship) is heavily criticised. They quote incomplete verses from Vedas, Upanishads to prove their point.

Idol worship is one of the core concepts of Sanatan tradition. The literal meaning of Idol is manifestation and concrete form of particular God image. The devotee worships the deity who is requested to reside in the Vigraha for the duration of worship. Idol is usually concrete shape, having particular features attributed to the God form.

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