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Item Code: IDD046
Author: Levi S. Jacob and Ralphy E. Jhirad
Publisher: Lustre Press, Roli Books
Language: English
ISBN: 8174360891
Pages: 96
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9" x 12"
About the Book:

Around 1800 BCE a man named Abraham entered the world stage in ancient Mesopotamia. He revolutionised The concept of religion, which till then, comprised mainly of Nature worship and veneration of numerous gods. Proclaiming belief in one God, his beliefs embodied the fundamental principles, ethics and morality of a religion that came to be known as Judaism.

Judaism is a way of life: its teachings are permanent truths, concepts of right and wrong, which make the scripture relevant to the existing times and responsive to its needs.

An introduction to Judaism's basic Laws and teachings, and their manifestations in ceremonies that are the binding force in the life of a Jew, this book projects the esprit de corps that unites Jews all over the world.

About the Author:

Levi S. Jacob is presently the Jewish Educator at ORT INDIA (Organisation for Educational Resources and Technological Training), Mumbai. Co-ordinator of Torah lectures held at Yeshiva Moshe Sultoon, Mumbai, he has worked closely with Rabbi Meir Posen, the international Mikveh expert, in connection with the Mikvaot in Mumbai.

Ralphy E. Jhirad is the ex-Director of ORT INDIA. Conducting activities and seminars for Jewish youth since his student days, he is sincerely committed towards the development of the Indian Jewish community, attending various international seminars and conferences as a representative of Indian Jews.

From the Book:

Judaism began about 4.000 years ago (18th century BCE), its origin going back to Abraham who was born in Ur in Babylonia (modern Iraq) during the Chaldean rule, his son Issac and grandson Jacob (also named Israel). Abraham was summoned by a Divine call and promised to move to Canaan to bring together a community of people with belief in one G-d. With this movement and settlement, a religious bond or covenant was established among Abraham, his descendants and his G-d. From the very start this covenantal bond and its ritual expression (circumcision of males) gave the people a self-conscious religious destiny. They were henceforth not solely part of the natural seed of Adam, the progenitor of humankind, but part of the divinely constituted seed of Abraham-the bearers of special promises about the settlement in the land of Canaan.


Judaism: The Divine Faith13
Festivals, Holidays and Fasts31
Prayer and Worship49
Code of Conduct59
Rituals and Ceremonies69
Jewish Art81
More Teachings, More Beliefs87
The Concise Time Line of Jewish History93

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