Khajuraho (Monumental Legacy)

Khajuraho (Monumental Legacy)

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Author: Devangana Desai
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 0195656431
Pages: 124 (Color Illus: 4, B & W Illus: 25, Figures: 13 & Maps: 2)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.5"

From the Jacket :

This book is part of the Monumental Legacy series, aimed at giving a brief and accurate introduction to the World Heritage (Culture) Sites in India. The series is addressed to the general reader but is also of use to scholars interested in the history and significance of the site.

Questioning popular stereotypes, Desai delinks Khajuraho from its associations with eroticism, offering fresh interpretations of the sculpture, which, through apparently sensual, actually conceal a deeper symbolism.

It is an introduction to the magnificent world of the Chandella temples, their history, patronage, court culture, religion, iconography, and the distinctive features of the sculptures and architecture. Exploring each of the twenty-two temples in detail, this book also discusses the newly excavated Bijamandala temple and the three museums at the site and provides practical tips and information for the Visitor.

About the Author :

Devangana Desai, art historian, is the author of Erotic Sculpture of India - A Social-Cultural Study and The Religious Imagery of Khajuraho. She is currently doing research on the Lost Temples of Khajuraho, based on the images in the museums as a project of Franco-Indian Research, Mumbai.


  List of Illustrations xi
  Preface and Acknowledgements xv
I. Introduction 1
II. Patrons - The Chandella Royal Family 7
III. Religious Background 12
IV. Temple Architecture - Concept and Stylistic Features 18
  Main Features 18
  Elevation 22
  Interiors 25
V. Sculpture - Themes and Meanings 27
  Distinctive Features 27
  Main Categories 29
  Celestial Women 31
  Erotic Figures 32
  Mythical Creatures 40
  Icons: Hindu Divinities 41
  Icons: Jain Tirthankara and Divinities 44
VI. The Monuments 48
  The Western Group: 48
  Devi 49
  Varaha 49
  Lakshmana 50
  Kandariya Mahadeva 53
  Mahadeva 61
  Devi Jagadamba 61
  Chitragupta 62
  Chopra Tank 62
  Parvati 62
  Vishvanatha 63
  Statue of Bhairava 64
  Matangeshvara 64
  Chausath Yogini 64
  Lalguan Mahadeva 65
  Shivasagar Tank 65
  The Eastern Group: 70
  Statue of Hanuman 70
  Brahma 70
  The Vishnu Temples: Vamana and Javari 71
  Khajuraho Village 71
  The Jain Temples 72
  Parshvanatha 72
  Adinatha 73
  Shantinatha Temple Complex 74
  Ghantai 74
  The Southern Group: 75
  Duladeva 75
  Chaturbhuja 75
  Excavated Bijamandala (Vaidyanatha) Temple 76
VII. Museums 79
  The Archaeological Museum, ASI 79
  The Jain Museum 82
  The State Museum of Tribal and Folk Arts 82
VIII. Around Khajuraho 83
Appendix 1. Chronology of the Temples 87
Appendix 2. Genealogy of the Chandella Royal Family 89
  Practical Tips and Information 91
  Glossary 98
  Further Reading 105

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