Kumara Tantram of Ravana The King of Lanka

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Author: Pammi Satyanarayana Sastri
Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788121802601
Pages: 130
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

Kumãra tantra is attributed to King Rãvana of Lanka, the abductor of. Sita. Hence, this work is considered to be ancient. Keeping aside its ancientness, there are other works said to have been authored by Rãva,2a, the King of Demons. Well known work in Ayurveda is Arkaprakäsa. All the works of Rãvaa were published as one volume under the name of Havana Samhita. The works included in this volume were Graha Rãsyãd/phalãdësa, Räs/nakaträdipha/ade, UçIdis’a tantra, KriyOddis’a tantra, and Arka prakäsa. It is noteworthy that the present work Kumãra tantra is not found in this volume. Similarly other work NäQ’iPariksha of Havana is also not found in this volume. This needs to be studied further . Probably, Kumára tantra was not popular in North India. More details may be known if the Rãvapa Jivana vrittänta is studied. (published as the first chapter to Rävaa samhita).

There were opinions that the author of Arka prakäsa was other than Rävaa, the King of Lanka. (See the forword to Telugu commentary of Arka prakäsa by Pandit Divi Gopaiacharyulu- 1914).

It was said in the ethics, that King Havana paralysed the movement of all the planets at the time of birth of his beloved son Mëghanãda. It shows he is proficient in astronomy and astrology. Hence, there is nothing wrong in accepting that the two works Graha Räsyädipha/ãdesa, Has! nakatrãd/pha/adesa, were written by him. Similarly for the reasons that he is master of /ndraja7a, the works Uddis’a tantra, KriyOç/’iáa tantra were also written by him. Since, his only son Mghanäcfa was very dear to him, Kumãra tantra & NãçIi Pariksha, pertaining to the padeatrics & diagonosis were written by him, to mitigate the ailments of his son in his childhood. Even this type of reasoning/assumption is missing to attribute the authorship of Arka prakasa to King Rth’apa.

It is to be noted that, in these two known Ayurvedic works, Arka Präkaáa has invocation of Lord Siva in the beginning, but no invocation is available in this present work.

Manuscripts of books authored by Rävana, available in various libraries in India, to the extent known, are given hereunder for further study.

Importance is to be given to practice and to protect the recipes given in the ancient works, who ever may be the author. With this view in mind, this small work of Rãvapa is presented in English for better popularity. This has been published with Hindi translation long back.

Scheme of English Translation.
Effort has been made to give the correct or nearest botanical equivalents of drugs. Equivalents for the ailments/ diseases have been adopted from the book Roga nãmävalia kos

of Vaidyaraj Hakim Thakur Daijit sinh published by MIs. Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office. Providing correct equivalen5 to the ailments/diseases of ayurveda is not possible. Hence, the ayurvedj term used in the original text and its probable equivalent is given, to catch the present trend in translating Ayuryedic books into English.

Hope this will receive the attention of the readers.




1 Treatment for the siezure of a Manes (spirit) called Nandanã  
2 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called sunandã 3
3 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called Pütanä 4
4 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit Mukhamuidkä 6
5 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit katapttana 8
6 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called Sakunkä 10
7 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called uska rovati 11
8 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called Aryakã 13
9 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called Bhüsiitikã 14
10 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called Nrrutà 16
11 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called Plliicchikä 18
12 Treatment for the siezure of a spirit called Kämukã 19
13 Disease causing factors for the infants 21
14 Teething troubles. 21
15 Symptoms of tridoäs in Breast fed infants 22
16 Method of fasting for the infants 23
17 Dosage for the infants. 23
18 Diagnosis of Kukjnaka and its treatment 24
19 Diagnosis of Pãrigarbhika and its treatment. 25
20 Diagnosis of Tälukanfaka and its treatment 26
21 Diagonosis of Visarpa and its treatment 27
22 Astha ma5gala ghrutam 28
23 Treatment of fever 30
24 Decoction for Vãta predominant fever 30
25 Decoction for Pitta predominant fever 31
26 Fumigation & decoction for Trutlyaka fever 33
27 Bhadramustãdi decoction for all fevers 34
28 Treatment if the child is not taking Milk 34
29 Treatment for Ephemeral fever 35
30 Mustädi kasãya in Vãta pitta fevers 35
31 MJrvãdi unguent in fever 37
32 Decoction of Triphala in Pitta kaphajvara 37
33 Amrutãstaka decoction in pitta kapha fever 38
34 Sita kaãya in pilta kapha fever 39
35 Tiktãdi decoction in fevers 39
36 Vasãdiconfection in áita fever 40
37 Katuki decoction in Ekahika fever 41
38 Drãksãdi decoction in Ekãhika fever 41
39 Cãturbhadrakam in Vãta á/ema fever 42
40 Diet in Vats kapha fever 42
41 Daáamuli decoction in sanniãtajvara 43
42 Mustidi decoction in p/tta predominant fever 43
43 Vãsãdi decoction in pitta predominant fever 44
44 Abhayã didecoction in áIërma predominant fever 44
45 Madhukãdi cJrnam for strength of the child 45
46 Bilvãdi decoction 46
47 Kikolyãdidecoction in Diarrhoea 47
48 Lajadi Curna in vomitting & diarrhoea 47
49 Treatment for Diarrhoea 48
50 Phalinyadi Curna in thirst etc. 48
51 Yämãdiccurna in vomitting and diarrhoea 49
52 Dhatakyadi confection in Diarrhoea with fever 49
53 Lodhrädic curna in diarrhoea 50
54 Vidangãdi ctlrna in diarrhoea due to indigestion 51
55 Yavãdicürria in chronic diarrhoea 51
56 Pippalyadi curna in chronic diarrhoea 52
57 Krusnãdi curna chronic diarrhoea 52
58 Nägarãdi curna in chronic diarrhoea of kapha origin 53
59 Prescription for Chronic diarrhoea of TridOsa origin 53
60 Mustãdi curnam in chronic diarrhoea of Sannipäta origin 54
61 Mdcarasadi decoction in bloody diarrhoea 54
62 Nãgarãdi decoction in Diarrhoea 55
63 Lodhradi cornam in Diarrhoea with fever 55
64 Rajanyãdi Jrnam in Diarrhoea with fever 56
65 Hriborãdi prescripionin Bloody diarrhoea 57
66 Yavanyãdi c&-nam in piles 57
67 Ajâiyãdi ctYrnam in Piles 58
68 Treatment for Piles - Heamorhoids 58
69 Dhinyãdi decoction in stomach ache due to indigestion 59
70 Pippalyidi cimam in indigestion 60
71 Treatment for Indigetion. Cholera and Bulimia 61
72 Treatment for Bulimia 62
73 Prescription for Bulimia 62
74 Treatment for Cough & Breathlessness 62
75 Duriiabhidyava Ih for Cough and Breathlessness 63
76 Hfngvãdi curnam in Hiccoughs & Breathlessness 63
77 Krusnädi curnam in Breathlessness 64
78 srungyãdi confection in Cough & fever 65
79 Prescription for cough 65
80 Srupg! curnam in Cough 66
81 Tugã yoga in Breathlessness and Cough 66
82 Prescription for worm infestation 67
83 Poukarädi cürnam in Breathlessness and Cough 67
84 Prescription in Cough 68
85 Prescription in Hiccoughs 69
86 Prescription in Vomitting 70
87 Saladi Cardamom in Vomitting 71
88 Prescription in Vomitting 71
89 Ghanidi curnarninVomitting and fever 71
90 Vãrtikyidi cJrnam in vomitting 72
91 Piopalyidi cörnam in Hiccoughs&Nausea 72
92 PipaIyidi cjrnam in Thirst 73
93 Hingvidi cürnam in Thirst 73
94 Sindhvidi curnam inFlatulance 74
95 Pippalyid! cirnam in Crying of child 74
96 Laxative for children . 75
97 Another prescription for purgation 75
98 Energy giving prescriptions 76
99 Lakshidi Ta/lam 78
100 Aivagandha Ghritam 79
101 Prescriptions for naval swelling & omphalitis 79
102 Treatment for Napkin rash 81
103 Patoladi decoction for traumatic eruptive fever 82
104 Treatment for Pityriasis, Eczema &Rhagades 82
105 Treatment for Ulcerative palate 83
106 Ointment in Dental ailments 83
107 Talisman in Dental ailments 83
108 Jãtivhalãdi decoction in Stomatitis 84
109 Haritakyid/pina in stomatitis (1’hrush) 86
110 Mêdhidi decoction in Dysurea 86
111 Svidukan(aka decoction in Dysurea 87
112 Treatment for Urinary & Vita diseases 87
113 Treatment for Dysurea 88
114 Use of Vanakirpãsa in Scrofula 88
115 In insanjty/madiess 88
116 Use of Visa in Haemorrhagic disease 89
117 PaIaa visãdi ghrutam in Haehorrhagjc disease 89
118 Errhine therapy in Nasal bleeding - 89
119 Trikatukadi Curnam in Gaseous tumor 90
120 Punarnavàdi prescription for Vata vitiated diseases 91
121 Kusmãnda yoga for Epilepsy 91
122 Ghruta in insanity due to fever 91
123 Hingvado Varti in Regurgitation 92
124 Suflthyadi cütham in Heart disease 92
125 Kolisthi curnam in Syncope 93
126 Draksa yoga in Syncope 93
127 Medical attendaiice in syncope 94
128 Jirakadi rasa in Amaurosis 94
129 Padmakãdi cürnam in acute heat/irritation 95
130 Medical attendance in Burning sensation 95
131 Mutädi curnam in worm infestation 96
132 Yavadi curnam in Anemia 96
133 Maghadyãdi crnam in Hoarseness of voice of Kapha origin 97
134 Yas°ycdi decoction in Hoarseness of voice of Pfttaorigin 97
135 Prescriptioji in pain in anemia 98
136 . SiIajatvadi Confection in Consumption 98
137 Prescription for KsataKsaya 99
138 Visãdidecoction in Breathlessness and Cough 99
139 Practices in Smallpox 100
140 Treatmeiit for Small pox 100
141 Candanidi decoctioii in fever due to small pox 100
142 Eye drops in Eye diseases 101
143 Candanadi pa in Burning sensation of eyes 101
144 Treatmeiit for Tumor immature cataract 102
145 Treatment for the irritation of the eys 103
146 Drops for Ear ache 103
147 Treatment for Ear ache 103
148 Use of Rasiijan in ailments of the head 104
  Glossaiy -I: Glossary of drugs and technical words  
  Glossary -II: Glossary-- of djsease 117


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