Last Days of Dwaraavatii (Lost Kingdom of Lord Shri Krishna)
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Last Days of Dwaraavatii (Lost Kingdom of Lord Shri Krishna)

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Author: Dr. Dibyendu Pal
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9781946048424
Pages: 274
Other Details: 8.00 X 5.00 inch
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About the Book

We live in a world which is highly advanced in terms of science and technology. But there arc several fascinating ancient legends, myths and mysteries, which are yet to be explained completely. Archaeologists, scientists as well as interested people travelled to investigate the pyramids of Egypt, the Bermuda Triangle. Eater Island, and several other places to find lost civilizations and other undiscovered treasures.

As I came to know about the discovery, of an ancient civilization, Dwaraavatii, under the seabed of Dwarka, I rushed to Dwarka to find out the truth of the legend. My mythological book, Last Days of Dwaraavatii, will try to reveal the truthfulness of Shri Krishna's reign based on myth, ancient treatise as well as archaeological findings.

The reader will get a lot of information about different areas as well as the opportunity to cultivate an interest to learn more. Although the book doesn't cover everything that's going on in this world, it is a great reading experience, and it serves as a gateway and an inspiration for further reading.

About the Author

Dibyendu Pal was an eminent Chemical Engineer during his service life in the Indian Ordnance Factories. He is also a poet and litterateur. He dedicated his retired life in the field of literature. His poems, articles and short stories in Bengali as well as English languages have been published in different newspapers, Global Anthology (Heaven) as well as Asian Anthology.

He travelled throughout India, especially historically I ancient places. He went to Taxi. to visit Kailas and Man. Sarovar in search of abode of Gods as well as abode of Lord Shiva as described in mythology. He travelled at Dwarka of Gujarat state of India to find the truthfulness of Shri Krishna's Dwaraavatii discovered tinder the sea. He has published three novels in Bengali by Michael Madhusudan Academy. Kolkata and one novel in English published internationally by Notion Press. Chennai. Dibyendu Pal is honoured as a member of the Governing Body of Michael Madhusudan Academy, Kolkata.


How much we know or try to know about this earth. There scattered several mythologies, folklores throughout the world. So many mysterious place or objects are found at outskirts of places, whose scientific explanation is not yet available. Scientists, Archeologists are running about from one country to other, from ocean to creeks & corners of mountains just to pursue the truthfulness of these mysteries, of these mythologies.

Our Indian soil is also mysterious too. Epics like Ramayana & Mahabharata, various Puranas etc. Are available in India. Great wonders are scattered at nooks & corners of Himalayas.

Some of the Western-educated persons do not hesitate to designate these episodes described in these epics as fictitious, as fabricated. According to them the religious war of Mahabharata might be a conflict between two tribal races. Shri Krishna was a poet's imaginary hero.

But No. I could not disbelieve these anecdotes of Mahabharata. I was unable to disbelieve the narrated episodes of our various Puranas or Vedas. That is why as soon as I came to know that an ancient city Shri Krishna's "Dwaraavatii" has been discovered under the water of Gulf of Cambay near present Dwarka, as described in various Puranas & Mahabharata, I could not be at rest. I rushed towards Dwarka in search of different treatises, different manuscripts.

What I have noticed, what I have listened to, I have put in black & white. Consequently my mythology-based book "Last Days of Dwaraavatii" appeared. I hope the readers of this book will be encouraged to know about the ancient fundamental truth after going through my book "Last Days of Dwaraavatii

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