Rasagangadhara (Text with English Translation and Critical Study)
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Rasagangadhara (Text with English Translation and Critical Study)

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Item Code: NAI027
Author: Dhananjaya Bhanja
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8186090055
Pages: 422
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9 inch X 6 inch
Weight 660 gm
About the Book

This book is in two volumes. The first one is theories and second one is only Alamkar. I have choosen only first part of Rasagangadhara, where, rasa, guna, dosa, Kavyabheda, Kavyaprayojana, etc. are discussed.

Eng. Translation in this form is made for first time so that the student coming from western countries shall be able to understand its importance. The translation is the result of long felt demand of students in various universities.


About the Author

A Poet from Telengana (Andhra Pradesh) in 16th C.A.D. composed many books including this masterpiece for lovers of Sanskrit Poetics. His other works are also highly recognized by modern scribers. Panditaraja Jagannath enjoyed the privilege of recording, reviewing, refuting and re-appraising the various theories on Poetics in RG. (Rasagangadhara). He had adopted the technique of neo-logic in whole concepts.




  Purovak (vii)
  Acknowledgements (xi)
  Transliteration Format (xiii)
  PART I  
  Text With English Translation of Rasagangadhara of Panditaraja Jagannatha and Notes 1-242
  Rasagangadhara : A Critical Stydy  
CHAPTER I Introduction 245-262
1 General Backgrond 247
1.1 Date, Life and Works of PR 256
1.2 Researches already done  
CHAPTER II Contents of RG 263-301
2.1 The definition of Poetry 263
2.2 The cause of Poetry 271
2.3 The division of Poetry 277
2.4 The concepts of rasa 282
2.5 The concepts of guna and dosa 288
2.6 The concepts of moods 293
2.7 The concepts of dhvani 300
CHAPTER III   302-333
3.1 Predecessors criticised by PR 302
3.2 PR criticised by his Successors 320
CHAPTER IV   334-363
4.1 Some Textual Problems in RG 334
4.2 Influence of Neo-logic in PR 340
4.3 Influence of Predecessors on PR 347
4.4 Importance of RG in Sanskrit Poetics 355
4.5 Observation and Conclusion 361
(a) Primary Sources 364
(b) Secondary Sources 367
INDICES   372-390
(a) To Technical Terms 372
(b) To Works 377
(c) To Authors 378
(d) To Definitions 379
(e) Citations in RG from other works in Prose 389
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