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Sapta Rishi Nadi

Sapta Rishi Nadi
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Item Code: NAR421
Author: J. N. Bhasin
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2018
Pages: 208
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.16 kg

"Sapta Rishi Nadi" is a publication that comprises horoscopes from actual life. It affords information both astronomical and astrological. Under the former head it furnishes us the complete horoscopes with planetary position, the lagna. The asterism and the balance of the Vimshottari Dasa obtained at birth of the individuals concerned enabling us to check up the correctness of the basic data of the interpretation. Under the astrological head it gives us quite a number of cases where hints are given in regard to certain events in astrological justification there of and thus adds to our knowledge of the divine science of astrology.

Due to limitation of space we have dealt with in this work only selected horoscopes from the lagnas relating to the first five signs of the zodiac i.e., Aries to Leo and have deferred the discussion of the remaining horoscopes to some future occasion.

A reference to "Contents" of this work will show that the Sapta Rishi Nadi is an astrological publication dealing with natal astrology and covers quite numerous affairs relating to a man or woman's life from birth to death.

Although the nadi has discussed the pros & cons of a situation of phenomenon in some cases and chiefly relating to marriage and issues, it has not explained every event astrologically. Obviously it was not possible for the nadi to do so. We have, therefore, attempted to give astrological reasons duly supported by standard texts in all cases that we have incorporated in the present work. We do hope our discussion will help the students of astrology in the better appreciation of the principles of astrology. Much as we would have liked to give a preliminary knowledge of the science of astrology, it was not possible to do so in view of the wide range of subjects required to be dealt with, which left us with no space for the purpose. Those desirous of having a preliminary know-ledge are requested to consult "Astro sutras", Dipositors in Astrology and other books. Still we have incorporated in this book a chapter enunciating the principles of astrology useful in the interpretation of the birth charts.

In view of the numerous traits, qualities, events, relations, limbs, dealt with through horoscopes in this book, it is hoped that the readers would be enabled to extend their field of astrological knowledge considerably and have in their possession verified horoscopes for their own independent research too.

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