The Secret Doctrine (The Missing Links in Vedas and Upanishads)

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Author: Amarakavi Ramachandra
Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788190392419
Pages: 240
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

This super title by Amarakavi Siddeswar, a Brahma Jnani is a marvel in human history. Even the Vedic and Upanishad doctrines, not to speak of the great Bhagavad Gita are either silent or not outspoken in revealing the secrets of the conscious – self the fountain – head of inner Gudance and Voice experienced by the sages of yore. The author has been magnanimous to the core in revealing his self experience with the divine presenting unprecedented spiritual tips and formulae in every chapter with which the reader can easily understand the art of reaching the Conscious self by reformulating his phenomenal, mental and spiritual strategies for a consummated charge with the divine spark in himself. The technic of a transition from the state of a super man vested with a gift for self – communion with the divine is exposed in this book for the first time in the history of mankind.

This book proves beyond doubt that the order of the present day worship and knowledge is far from satisfactory to realise revelations and inner guidance from the divine.

This book is well timed in its arraival for the understanding an uplift of the humanity as a whole. May the readers bask in this knowledge.



A deep understanding with this mighty research work will fructify only in and through the prepared moments of absorbed attention. This book evolved through "Nishta" or self-consecration with the divine. Self-involvement is a pre-condition to that study lest the mental wake-up will not be there for due understanding of all said in day-to-day experience. What is expected of the reader here is the touch of conscious-perception out with his intellectual acumen that is all in anyone today? Intellect is the bulwark of creation and the deceptive personality of the Ego-self. It could, at best, understand to conviction, of what is said here but never in its ability to keep track of the directive vision that has offered the mystic truths of life Hidden and unknown, as Amarakavi waded through the spaceless vastness of the soul's unmeasured depths. It is our in bear of consciousness, freed of its phenomenal constraint in mental.

Amarakavi has exercised his right thereto over "Janmas," past wherein the glimpses of the seen abate to mental awareness. It is that step-up into the inner waves of conscious perception that causes "Yoga Drishti." One into the other is what we need to assert in mental passing through the progressive moments of that awakened self-vision in cosmic touch and go.

It is omniscience awareness striking the mental course of the phenomenal, now and then. The entrance gate of "Tapas" is here. It is cosmic intelligence now gaining ground against mere mental capacity to bear that all in pervasive intelligence. The physical will not bear that transit until the egress spurt of breathing moves inert to mental perception and turn inward of itself for full bear with "Solar," eventually.

The "Solar" is the invigorating energy of mental for God-vision and God-experience. The "Will" is in you, as you aspire for it. Thought is one-way sensuous perception and in its other conscious-self that pervades as cosmic intelligence. It is the in bear of our mental and to become self-borne as Thought-free silence intensifies to the core of the phenomenal.

In between, is the physical motion of the sensuous working to life in the temporal and corporal. That apart, the physical being in man will remain to cosmic charge and the earthly bear of it become motionless. All that upsetting balance we need to neutralise, in order to wake-up to the transcendental.

The upset is more in the mental process of Thought and Respiration under duress of its egress spurt. It is our living present, so to say.

Speech accent of life is yet another to its breach.

The three together bring in moments of Thought-free Silence, a progressive state of mental and on way to "Yoga Drishti." It is our inbear of conscience that has active support to the transcendental - the wisdom ranges of meditative thought. All this is said as to convince you - of what a difficult task it is, to go into moments of Thought-free Silence - a depth of mental grip that pervades as spiritual awareness.

Soviet Science has discovered the down-gradient of our innate conscience that has gone into periphery vision all through day spirits - missing thereby to physical function on earth the structural values of the infinite in cosmic bear, ever. That apart, our physical presence will remain transcendental and will not give way to the living present. All that sequence and downfall is observed as penetrating luminescence all around our earthly person but they are unable to expose its mystery.

This book solves that riddle, which is no other than our unevolved powers in mental, providing the cosmic interlink of consciousness in omniscience power and of its overt bear in terrestrial matter. The seven ages of life on earth cause its concern thereby a growth into phenomenal awareness as the babe moves into adult ages and the physical marooned to the island of death over its declining periods in time-bound existence. "Spiritual awareness" is the only antidote for it and with that resume to physical power at birth, off and on, the physical application to the conscious-self will keep on, unmindful of the growth and decay of the mortal frame-work passing through seven ages on earth. It is the crown of existence - the immortal he is, then. That is the highest in human reach wherein the nature-power in God sustains His physical voyage on earth. "Muktha" is he then - a "Chiranjivi,"



Sri Ramachandra Rao is a well known Siddha whose Tapas and meditation for nearly 50 years have elevated him to the high levels of transcendental achievement. He has to his credit important publications. His approach to the physical, mental and Supra – mental spheres is as esoteric as it is mysterious. His speech and writings race against his galloping mind. Therefore, one finds his writings in a "Sutra" form which convey the full meaning only to the earnest seekers.

Dwijas mainly in India following the traditional path start their early morning prayer thus:

My living body is the temple of God and the indwelling spirit "Jivatma" is none other than the eternal Deva – Paramatma. Casting off the discarded sheaths one should consider one's self as none other than the supreme eternal beyond time and space. This Advaitic approach tunes one's mind and body for ultimate realisation. The great mantras are "Hamsa soham soham hamsaha." I am none other than the blissful SIVA – I am not the body, senses, mind and other functions which are subject to decay and death".

Amarakavi is seeing, as Upasakaha do, the mystery of creation and of the projected universe in the three states of waking, dreaming and sleep.

A human being is blessed on his birth with an intellect and reasoning powers distinguished from animals and other living lower manifestations. The author wishes as many human beings as possible to share with him the unravelled mysteries of the phenomenal world. Starting with breathing and going upto the functions of life – "Praana," he reiterates what our sages have analysed thousand of year ago. The Asana leading upto the stillness of the mind free from all distractions and pre occupations will lead the aspirant to self – realisation.

In modern times from Sadasiva Brahmendra down to Sri Ramana Maharishi we have had teachers proclaiming that the Supreme Self is none other than the aspirant himself and that it is not to be sought after outside one's self. The Brahmendra in one of his songs says that once one ha stilled his desires and his wandering mind, he becomes Emperor of Emperors and is beyond decay and death. What perishes is only the temporary abode. The Gita likens this to the casting off of old clothes and wearing new ones.

Modern science and mathematics have recognised the superb and eternal truths in Veddanta. The truths beyond space and time are dawning on the thinkers today. The indwelling spirit in human beings can get into the same "wave length" of the eternal and attain this supreme realisation of the eternal and attain this supreme realisation of the truth. The Life Divine of Saints like Swami Sivananda and Sri Aurobindo is not unapproachable, if not but is available for aspirants here and now.

The Amarakavi like Sri Appaya Dikshadar who lived five hundred years ago believes that all mankind can attain Siddhis leading upto Mukthi that providence blesses the aspirant with long life and a health body to carry on in the path of realisation. A living example is the great Paramacharya of Kanchi who at 95 possesses a golden hue bodily and shows no sign of old age or decay. Sri Amarakavi is another example. At 85 he is as cheerful as he is active with unabated enthusiasm.

The Publication will be a valuable volume not only in the hands of the spiritually bent aspirants but also with Scientists.




  Introduction 7
  A word 10
  Foreword 12
  Prelude 15
  Preface 17
  Section I  
  Guideline Chapters  
1 Glimpses of self evolve 23
2 Tamil Lyrics in criptic version 25
3 Tamil Lyrics 31
4 The Omnipresence of day conscience 45
5 A priceless book 50
6 The mystery of human breathing 54
7 An evolving conscience to the Spiritual eminence of soul 58
8 The super conscious states of Nirvana 62
9 Seek conscious – self immortalisation 65
10 Conscious participation with the Infinite. 69
11 The highway of life to immortaily 74
12 The summit of human experience 76
13 The physical is the cosmic home of the Infinite 95
14 The human evolution at its peak 106
15 Realise thyself to profound depths 108
16 The physical home of Siddhas 112
  Section II  
  Amarakavi's Theory and Practice  
1 Guidelines to Everyone 117
2 Swayambhu Dehu v.s its corporal system 122
3 The stages of Thuria Aateetham in mental 128
4 The innate presence is Cosmic 132
  Section III  
  Secrets of Vedic Origin Revealed  
1 Know your true Existence 136
2 How to revive the sacred Era of the Upanishads 140
3 The collective wisdom of past ages 143
4 Become conscious of the Supreme 141
  Section IV  
  Sri Vidya's self – culture  
1 Sri Vidya: The Supreme Quest 150
2 The higher dimensions of Sri Vidya 154
3 A cross section of human values 157
4 Shodasi siddhi of Amarakavi 160
5 Mahapurusha yoga 165
  Section V  
  Amarakavi's Sadhana and Siddhi  
1 Know thyself beyond the frontiers of Time and Space 171
2 Higher intelligence frame work 174
3 The central features of Amaraakavi's sadhana 182
4 Athara vadivam of the transcient 185
5 Sat Dharsana 195
6 The quest genius of a Super man 207
7 Enter the cosmic presence 211
8 Amarakavi's theory and quest experience – II 217
9 Amarakavi exposes his sadhana 220
  Glossary 224
  List Publication 239

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