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Sikh Guru Their Lives and Teachings

Sikh Guru Their Lives and Teachings
Item Code: IDC994
Author: K.S. Duggal
Publisher: The Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy of the U.S.A.
Edition: 1989
ISBN: 0893891061
Pages: 268
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" x 5.5"
From the back of the Book

I tell the truth that all may hear:
He who loves, he alone has found God.

-Guru Gobind Singh

The essence of the Sikh tradition - an emphasis on love, service to humanity, and devotion - is beautifully conveyed in this description of the Sikh gurus and their teachings.

While the stories of their lives are told in a simple, straightforward fashion, the author conveys the courage, determination, love, and devotion that their lives represent, and inspires the reader to cultivate these qualities in the pursuit of his or her own spiritual path.

The Sikh gurus embody the ideal of a spiritual life lived in the world, yet above the world - dealing successfully with the events of daily life, while maintaining the awareness of that one, underlying Reality that is the source of all love.

About the Author

Kartar Singh (K.S.) Duggal, born in 1917, began writing while still a student. He is an author of repute in Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and English. His works have been translated into many other languages, and are used in literature classes in a large number of collages and university throughout the world. His published works include twenty-one collections of short stories, seven novels, seven plays, and two collections of poetry.

He has received numerous awards and prizes for his writing, including the Ghalib Award for Urdu Drama (1976), the Soviet Land Nehru Award (1981), the Fellowship of the Punjabi Sahitya Academy (1983), and the Bharatya Bhasha Prishad Award (1985).

His short story, "Come Back My Master" is included in the Greatest Short Stories of the World. He was recognized by both the Punjabi government (1962) and the Delhi Administration (1976) as a distinguished man-of-letters and awarded a "Robe of Honour." His collection of short stories, lk Chhit Chanan Di, won the Sahita Academi award in 1965.

Mr. Duggal also served as Director of the All-India Radio from 1942 to 1966, as Director of the National Book Trust from 1966-1973, and was an advisor (Information) to the Planning Commission from 1973 to 1976.

He has worked to encourage and promote literature and the arts throughout his life. He also served as a columnist for The Indian Express, The Tribune, and The Indian Book Industry, as a commentator on books, authors, radio, and television programs and the contemporary publishing scene in India.


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About the Author

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