Sri M - The Journey Continues (A Sequel to Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master)
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Sri M - The Journey Continues (A Sequel to Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master)

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Item Code: NAN626
Publisher: Magenta Press and Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789382585244
Pages: 219 (38 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 250 gm
Abuot the Book

A book with mind blowing information that defies the essence of modern science, which is struggling to pinpoint the abode of consciousness and the mystic world of Mind.

The fascinating experiences of the Living Yogi is a rich tribute and undeniable testimony to the unfathomable power, ability and expanse of the "Brain-Mind Complex" that can reform the bridge of Neuroscence, Quantum Physics and Spirituality.

After three decades of surgical exploration of the Crown Jewel I remain unnerved as a mere priest in the Temple of Brain.

About the Author

Sri M was Born in Trivandrum Kerala in 1949. At the age of nine he had a strange encounter in the back yard of his house. Under the jackfruit tree he saw a matted-haired yogi. The yogi blessed him saying 'you will get to know our connection in time' and walked away.

After this incident the mind of the young boy, born of Deccani Muslim parents, turned towards Vedanta and the great Indian tradition of yoga that led to deep contemplation. Meeting many known and unknown sages and yogis as if by design, Sri M at the age of 19 left home and went off to the Himalayas. There, at the Vyasa Guha beyond Badrinath, he met the great yogi Sri Maheshwaranath Babaji belonging to the Nath sampradaya.

As an apprentice to this great being, his mind under- went a profound transformation. Travelling with this bare-footed yogi, he had many wonderful experiences. A detailed account of his almost unbelievable experiences from childhood to the present can be found in Sri M's autobiography, Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master: A yogi's Autobiography.

On the instructions of his master, he returned to the plains and lived incognito for a long time. Meanwhile, he got married and has two children who are themselves grownup and married now.

Sri M wears no grand robes, has no special hair style, is often found wearing jeans and T-shirt or dhothi and white shirt. He lives in Madanapalle, travels around the world conducting retreats and giving talks on yoga, Upanishads, Sufi teachings - in short, inner core of the religious traditions of most religions including the Jewish, the Christian, Buddhist and so on.

He calls himself a practising yogi.

Sri M heads the Satsang Foundation which runs the Satsang Vidyalaya - a free school for the underprivileged and an IIC-ICSC boarding school called Peepal Grove School, a rural school in a remote village 20 kms from Madanapalle and a Swasthya Kendra - a free medical service for the poor.

The Satsang Foundation has recently initiated the MYTHRI programme involving large scale re-forestation and is in the process of setting up a modern hospital to cater to the needy on the outskirts of Bangalore.


  Sri M: A Profile xi
  Another Journey Beings xiii
1 Babaji and an Extra-ordinary Photography Session 1
2 Nityananda of Ganesh Puri and the Hard Slap 10
3 He Loved Wild Elephats Too 17
4 The Great Dream 23
5 My Darshan of Guruvayurappan 28
6 A Journey to the Distant Past 37
7 Swami Satchidananda: a Paragon of Humility and Self-effacement 45
8 Moving in Space 51
9 Simple Techniques for Out-of-Body Travel 58
10 Travelling Free: My Out of Body Experiences 63
11 Meeting Sri Guru Babaji: the Jaisalmer Connection 70
12 The Unknown Yogi 76
13 Facets of Tantra 85
14 Conversations with Babaji- 1 91
15 Conversations with Babaji- 2 101
16 The Great Avadhuta Sadashiva Brahmendra 109
17 The Kutir at Rudraprayag 117
18 Dattatreya: Lord of Avadhutas 125
19 Meeting the Buddha 133
20 My Attempt at Sanyas 139
21 Conversations with Babaji-3 143
22 Mind and Other Matters 147
23 The Compassion of Sri Ramakrishna 164
24 Yoga: Philosophy and Practice 172
  Epilogue 178
  Walk of Hope 187
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