श्री रामचरितमानस (Sri Ramacaritamanasa :or The Manasa lake brimming over with the exploits of Sri Rama)

श्री रामचरितमानस (Sri Ramacaritamanasa :or The Manasa lake brimming over with the exploits of Sri Rama)

Item Code: IDE223
Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Language: With Hindi Text and English Translation
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 8129301466
Pages: 1022 (Color Illus: 2)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.3" X 6.0"
Weight 910 gm


1 An Arati Song iv
2 Procedure for Reciting the Ramacaritamanasa xvi
Descent I


1 Invocations 1
2 Salutationsutations to the Guru 3
3 Salutations to Brahmanas and saints 4
4 Salutations to the Wicked 7
5 Contrast between saints and the evil- minded 9
6 Salutations to all living being as so many images of Sri Rama 13
7 Tulasidasa's humility and the glory of poetry describing Sri Rama's greatness 15
8 Salutations to the immortal bards 20
9 Salutations to the sage Valmiki, the Vedas, Brahma, Siva, Parvati and other gods and goddesses 21
10 Salutations to the abode and companions of Sita and Rama 23
11 Salutations to and the glory of the Name 26
12 The excellences of Sri Rama and the greatness of his story 36
13 The date of composition of the Ramacaritamanasa 43
14 The metaphorical representation of the Manasa as a lake and it sglory 46
15 Dialogue between the sages Yajnavalkya nd Bharadvaja and the greatness of Prayaga 54
16 Sati's bewilderment, Sri Rama's divine glory and Sati's Remorese 57
17 Repudiation of Sati by Siva and Siva's trance 59
18 Sati's Visit to Daksa's sacrifice 68
19 Sati's self immolation through the fire of Yoga out of indignation at the slight offered to Her spouse by her father; destruction of Daksa's sacrifice 69
20 Descent of Goddess Parvati and Her penance 70
21 Sri Rama's intercession with Bhagavan Siva for marriage 79
22 Parvati's unique fidelity as revealed through Her test by the seven seers 80
23 Love's departure on the earrand of the gods and his being burnt to death 84
24 Siva's boon to Rati 89
25 The gods prayer to siva for marriage; the seven seers visit to Parvati 89
26 Siva's peculiar marriage procession and preparations for the wedding 92
27 Siva's nuptials 101
28 A dialogue between Siva and Parvati 107
29 Causes of Sri Rama's Descent 118
30 Ego's sway over Narada and the effect of the Lord's Maya 124
31 Princess Visvamohini's self-election of a husband; Narada's pronouncing a curse on the attendants of Siva as well as on the Lord himself and his subsequent freedom form the spell of infatuation 125
32 The austerities of Manu and Satarupa and their receiving a boon from the lord 134
33 The story of King Pratapabhanu 142
34 The birth of Ravana and his brothers, their austerities, supremacy and tyranny 159
35 The piteous appeal of mother Earth and other gods 167
36 The Lord's compassion on them 169
37 King Dasarath's sacrifice for the birth of son and his queens'pregnancy 171
38 The Lord's manifestation and the delightful nature of his childish sports 173
39 Visvamitra visits king Dasaratha and asks for Sri Rama and Laksamana 186
40 Protection of Visvamitra's sacrifice 189
41 Redemption of Ahalya 190
42 Entry of Visvamitra with Rama and Laksmana into the Precincts of Mithila 192
43 Janaka's ecstasy of love at the sight of Rama and Laksmana 194
44 A visit to the town by Rama and Laksmana 197
45 Sri Rama's Visit to Janaka's garden; Rama and Sita Ji catch sight of each other 205
46 Worship of Goddess Parvati by Sita, Her receiving a blessing from the Goddess and a dialogue between Rama and Laksmana 210
47 Sri Rama's entry into the Pavilion erected for the Bow-Sacrifice along with Laksmana 214
48 Sita's entry into the Pavilion 219
49 Proclamation of janaka's vow by his heralds 221
50 The princes failure to life the bow and Jnaka's Despondent utterance 222
51 Laksmana's fulmination and throwing a challenge to Janaka 223
52 The breaking of the Bow 230
53 Sita places the wreath of victory round Rama's neck 232
54 Arrival of Parasurama, exchange of hot words between Laksmana and Parasurama and Sri Rama' triumph over the latter 235
55 Janaka's dispatching of messengers to Ayodhya and departure of the marriage procession from the 250
56 Arrival of the marriage procession and its reception etc at Janakpuri 264
57 The Wedding of Sita and Rama and Their farewell 281
58 Return of the marriage procession to Ayodhya and rejoicing in the city 303
59 The glory of hearing and singing the story of Sri Rama 318
Descent II


60 Invocations 319
61 Preparations for Sri Rama's installation as the Prince regent of Ayodhya; the gods concern over the same and their approaching Goddess Sarasvati for help 322
62 Sarasvati perverts the mind of Manthara; a dialogue between Kaikeyi and Manthara 329
63 Kaikeyi enters the sulking-chamber 337
64 Dialogue between King Dasaratha and Kaikeyi; Dasaratha's lamentation; Sumantra goes to the palace and returning from it, sends Sri Rama to his father 339
65 Dialogue between Sri Rama and mother Kaikeyi 352
66 Dialogue between Sri Rama and His father; the sadness of the people of Ayodhya; their remonstrance's with Kaikeyi 355
67 Dialogue between Sri Rama and mother Kausalya 361
68 Dialogue between Sita and Sri Rama 368
69 Dialogue between Sri Rama, Kausalya and Sita 374
70 Dialogue between Sri Rama and Laksmana 376
71 Dialogue between Laksmana and mother Sumitra 378
72 Sri Rama, Laksmana and Sita call on king Dasaratha to take leave of him; Dasaratha's advice to Sita 380
73 Sri Rama, Sita and Laksmana proceed to the woods and slip past the citizens buried in slumber 385
74 Sri Rama's arrival at Srngaverapura; the Nisada chief's services 388
75 Dialogue between Laksmana and the Nisada; Sumantra's dialogue with Sri Rama and Sita and his returning to Ayodhya 391
76 The boatman's love and the passage across the Ganga 399
77 Arrival at Prayaga and dialogue with the sage Bharadvaja; the love of the people inhabiting the bank of the Yamuna 403
78 The episode of an ascetic 405
79 Sri Rama greets the Yamuna; love of the villagers 409
80 Dialogue between Sri Rama and the sage Valmiki 419
81 Sri Rama takes up His abode at Citrakuta; the services of the Kolas and Bhilas 427
82 Sumantra returns to Ayodhya and finds the city a picture of grief 434
83 Dialogue between king Dasaratha and Sumantra, Dasaratha's passing away 438
84 The sage Vasistha sends envoys to call Bharata 444
85 Arrival and lamentation of Bharata and Satrughna 445
86 Dialogue between Bharata and mother Kausalya and king Dasaratha's cremation 449
87 Dialogue between the sage Vasistha and Bharata; Bharata prepares for a journey to Citrakuta in order to bring Sri Rama back to Ayodhya 455
88 Departure of Bharata and Satrughna with the citizens of Ayodhya to the woods 468
89 The Nisada's suspicion and precautions 469
90 Bharata's meeting and dialogue with he Nisada chief; the love of Bharata and the citizens of Ayodhya for Sri Rama 473
91 Bharata's arrival at Prayaga and dialogue between Bharata and the sage Bharadvaja 481
92 Bharadvaja shows hospitality to Bharata 489
93 Dialogue between Indra and his preceptor 493
94 Bharata on his way to Citrakuta 497
95 Sita's dream; the Kolas and Kiratas bring news of Bharata's arrival to Sri Rama; Sri Rama's concern at the report; Laksmana's outburst of passion 500
96 Sri Rama admonishes Laksmana and dwells on Bharata's greatness 504
97 Bharata takes a dip in the Mandakini and arrives at Citrakuta; Bharata and others meet one another, mourn the king's death and perform his sraddha 507
98 Hospitality of the foresters towards Bharata and his party; Kaikeyi's remorse 521
99 Vasistha's speech 524
100 Dialogue between Sri Rama, Bharata and others 533
101 King Janaka's arrival at Citrakuta; the Kolas and Kiratas offer presents to the visitors and all meet one another 538
102 Dialogue between queens Kausalya and sunayana; Sita; amiability 548
103 Dialogue between king Janaka and his wife; Bharata's glory 554
104 Dialogue between king Janaka and Bharata; Indra's anxiety; Goddess Sarasvati's admonition to Indra 558
105 Dialogue between the sage Vasistha, Sri Rama and Bharata 562
106 Bharata deposits the sacred waters; his perambulation through Citrakuta 573
107 Dialogue between Sri Rama and Bharata; the gift of Sandals; Bharata's farewell 578
108 Returning to Ayodhya, Bharata enthrones the sandals and takes up his residence at Nandigrama; the virtue of listening to Bharata's story 583
Descent III


109 Invocations 588
110 Jayanta's mischief and punishment 590
111 Meeting with the sage Atri and his hymn of praise to Sri Rama 592
112 Sita's meeting with Anasuya and the latter's discourse on the duties of a devoted wife 594
113 Sri Rama proceeds further and kill Viradha; the episode of the sage Sarabhanga 598
114 Sri Rama takes a vow to kill the demons 600
115 Sutiksana's love and Sri Rama meeting with the sage Agastya; dialogue with Agastya; Sri Rama's entry into the Dandaka forest and his meeting with Jatayu 600
116 Sri Rama takes up His abode at Pancavati; dialogue between Sri Rama and Laksmana 607
117 The story of Surpanakha; her approaching Khara, Dusana and Trisira for redress and their subsequent death at Sri Rama's hands 610
118 Surpanakha approaches Ravana; Sita enters into the fire leaving Her shadow behind 617
119 The episode of Marica and how he was killed in the form of a gold deer 622
120 Sita's abduction and her Wail 625
121 The combat of Jatayu with Ravana 626
122 Sri Rama's lament; His meeting with Jatayu 628
123 Deliverance of Kabandha 633
124 Grace on Sabari, a discourse on the nine forms of Devotion and departure for the Pampa lake 634
125 A description of the spring; Narada's meeting with Sri Rama 641
126 Dialogue between the sage Narada and Sri Rama 642
127 The glory of hearing the praises of Sri Rama and an exhortation to cultivate fellowship with saints and practise adoration 644
Descent IV


128 Invocations 647
129 Sri Rama's meeting with Hanuman and the conclusion of an alliance between Sri Rama and Sugriva 648
130 Sugriva apprizes Sri Rama of his wores; the latter's vow to kill Vali; Sri Rama expatiates on the characteristics of a friend 651
131 Sugriva's dispassion 652
132 Duel between Vali and Sugriva; deliverance of Vali 656
133 Tara's Wail; Sri Rama's advice to Tara and Sugriva's coronations and Angada's installation as his Heir-Apparent 659
134 A description of the rainy season 661
135 Sri Rama's show of displeasure towards Sugriva and Laksmana's Wrath 665
136 Dialogue between Sugriva and Sri Rama and the departure of the monkeys in quest of Sita 667
137 Their meeting with a hermitress in a cavern 671
138 The monkey's arrival at he seashore; their meeting and conversation with sampati 672
139 Sampati's advice to the monkeys to leap across the ocean; Jambavan encourages Hanuman by reminding him of his strength 675
140 The greatness of Sri Rama's praises 677
Descent V


141 Invocations 679
142 Hanuman leaves from Lanka, meets surasa and kills the image-catching demoness 680
143 Descriptions of Lanka; Hanuman strikes Lankini and enters Lanka 682
144 Hanuman meets Vibhisana 685
145 Hanuman's grief at the sight of Sita in the Asoka grove and Ravana's threat to Sita 688
146 Trijata's dream 690
147 Dialogue between Sita and Trijata 690
148 Dialogue between Sita and Hanuman 692
149 Hanuman lays waste the Asoka grove and kills prince Aksaya; at last Meghanada entangles Hanuman in a noose of serpents and carries him off to Ravana's court 696
150 Dialogue between Hanuman and Ravana 699
151 Burning of Lanka 703
152 After burning Lanka Hanuman asks leave of Sita and obtains the crest jewel from Her 704
153 On Hanuman's reaching the opposite shore all the monkeys return and enter Madhuvana; their meeting with Sugriva and the dialogue between Sri Rama and Hanuman 704
154 Sri Rama's march to the beach alongwith the army of monkeys 710
155 Dialogue between Mandodari and Ravana 712
156 Vibhisana offers advice to Ravana and meets with a n affront at the latter's hands 714
157 Vibhisana sallies forth to obtain Sri Rama protection and secures it 717
158 Deliberation over the question of crossing the sea; appearance of Suka, a spy of Ravana , and his return with Laksmana's letter 723
159 The spy gives counsel to Ravana and delivers Laksmana's note to him 726
160 Sri Rama s' fury against the sea and the latter's supplication 729
161 Glory of Hymning Sri Rama's praises 731
Descent VI


162 Invocations 733
163 Bridging of the ocean by Nala and Nila; Sri Rama's installation of Sri Ramevara 735
164 Sri Rama crosses the ocean with the whole army and encamps on Mount Suvela; Ravana feels agitated at the news 737
165 Mandodari expostulates with Ravana; dialogue between Ravana and Prahasta (his son) 739
166 A mental view of the Sri Rama on Mount Suvela an a description of the rising moon 743
167 An arrow from Sri Rama's bow strikes down ravana's diadems and umbrella 745
168 Mandodari makes remonstrance with Ravana again and dwells upon Sri Rama glory 746
169 Angada's departure for Lanka and dialogue between Angada and Ravana in the latter's court 749
170 Mandodari offers advice to Ravana once more 766
171 Dialogue between Angada and Sri Rama; conflict actually begins 769
172 Malyavana's admonition to Ravana 778
173 The battle recommences; encounter between Laksmana and Meghananda; a javelin thrown by the latter strikes Laksmana in the breast 782
174 Hanuman fetches the physician susena and proceeds in quest of the life giving herb; dialogue between Kalanemin and Ravana, redemption of the she-alligator; deliverance of Kalanemi 784
175 Struck by Bharata's arrow, Hanuman drops down unconscious; dialogue between Bharata and Hanuman 787
176 Sri Rama sport of a frantic wail; Hanuman's return; Laksmana's coming back to consciousness 789
177 Ravana awakes Kumbhakarna; Kumbakarna's exhortation to Ravana and dialogue between Vibhisana and Kumbhakarna 790
178 Kumbhakarna joins the conflict and attains final beatitude 793
179 Meghanada gives battle and Sri Rama sportfully allows Himself to be bound by a snare of serpents 800
180 Destruction of Meghanada's sacrificial performance; his engagement of the battlefield and deliverance at the hands of Laksmana 803
181 Ravana's march to the field of battle; Sri Rama's victory-chariot and an encounter between the monkey and the demons 808
182 Encounter between Laksmana and Ravana 813
183 Ravana swoon; destruction of his sacrificial performance; combat between Sri Rama and Ravana 814
184 Indra sends a chariot for the use of Sri Rama; encounter between Sri Rama and Ravana 820
185 Ravana hurls a lance at Vibhisana: Sri Rama puts Vibhisana behind Him and exposes himself to its full force; encounter between Vibhisana and Ravana 825
186 Combat of Ravana and Hanuman; Ravana creates illusion and Sri Rama disperses the Phantoms 827
187 Fierce fighting; Ravana's swoon 829
188 Dialogue between Sita and Trijata 832
189 Final encounter between Sri Rama and Ravana; end of Ravana; shouts of victory everywhere 834
190 Mandodari and other queens lament; Ravana's funeral 839
191 Vibhisana's installation 841
192 Hanuman carries the happy news to Sita; Sita rejoins Sri Rama and enters fire as a test of her purity 842
193 The gods sing the Lord's praises; Indra rains down nectar on the dead 847
194 Vibhisana's entreaty; Sri Rama's portrayal and Bharata's condition due to the excessive love he bore towards the Lord; Sri Rama urges Vibhisana to arrange His speedy return to Ayodhya 854
195 Vibhisana rains down clothes and ornaments from he air and the monkeys and bears pick them up and adorn their person with them 855
196 Sri Rama and Sita leave for Ayodhya on the aerial car, Puspaka 857
197 The glory of Sri Rama's story 861
Descent VII


198 Invocations 863
199 Bharata's desolation; meeting of Bharata and Hanuman; rejoicing in Ayodhya 865
200 Sri Rama's Reception; meeting with Bharata; universal rejoicing on meeting Sri Rama 867
201 Sri Rama's coronation; Vedas Alleluia; Lord Siva's Alleluia 875
202 Sri Rama bestows parting presents on the monkeys and the Nisada chief 884
203 Account of Sri Rama's Region 888
204 Birth of sons to the four brother; Ayodhya's loveliness; arrival of the sage sanaka and his three brothers and their dialogue with Sri Rama 892
205 Hanuman's introduction to Bharata's question and Sri Rama's discourse on the subject 902
206 Sri Rama exhortation and his subjects the citizens acknowledgement 907
207 Dialogue between Sri Rama and the sage Vasistha; Sri Rama excursion to a mango grove in the company of his brothers 911
208 Narada's visit and return to Brahma's abode after hymning the Lord's praises 914
209 Dialogue between Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati; Garuda's delusion; Garuda listens to Sri Rama story and to an account of His glory from Kakabhusudi 917
210 Kakabhusundi narrates the story of his precious lives and tells Garuda the glory of the Kali age 924
211 Insult offered by him to his p[receptor in a precious birth and the curse pronounced on him by Lord Siva 963
212 A hymn of eight verses addressed to Lord Siva 966
213 Guru's appeal to Lord Siva for forgiving the wrong; molligication of the curse; continuation of Kakabhusundi's narrative 967
214 Kakabhusundi approaches the sage Lomasa, who first pronounces a curse on him but later on showers his grace and bestows a boon on him 971
215 Delineation of Gnosis and Devotion; a description of the Lamp of wisdom and the surpassing glory of Devotion 977
216 Seven question of Garuda and Kakabhusundi's replies to them 987
217 Glory of adoration 991
218 Greatness of Ramayana; Tulasidasa's prayer and reward of reciting this poem 1000

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