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The Taittiriya Pratisakhya (Rare Book)

The Taittiriya Pratisakhya (Rare Book)
Item Code: IDD387
Author: R. Shama Shastri and K. Rangacharya
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Pages: 576
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
weight of the book: 490 gms
About the Book:

The Pratisakhyas constitute studies on phonetics which prevailed in ancient India in different Schools of the Vedas. This Pratisakhya deals with the phonetic system as applicable to the Taittiriya Samhita of the Black Yajurveda. The edition contains the original Sanskrit Text of the Taittiriya Pratisakhya, the two old commentaries Tribhasyaratna and the Vaidikabharana, a critical Introduction in Sanskrit and English and a word-Index of the Sutras. The text is divided into 24 adhyayas.

From the view-point of the subject matter the work is divisible into 3 groups (1) Sadharana-Vidhi, (2) Samhitadhikara and (3) Uccarana-Kalpa. Sadharana (Chs 1-4) deals with the enumeration and classification of sounds of alphabets - Vowels, dipthongs and consonants. Samhitadhikara (Chs 5-16) consists of rules for the construction of euphonically combined text. Uccaranakalpa (Chs 17-24) analysis the formation of articulate sounds and the mode of their production

The Pratisakhya contains two commentaries: (1) The Traibhasyaratna of Somayarya. The commentary is so called because it is based on 3 bhasyas, namely the bhasya of Vararuci, Mahiseya and Atreya which are no longer extant. The second commentary is the Vaidikabharana which is posterior to Traibhasyaratna, for it criticises the latter in Several places.

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