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Tales - For The Young and The Old (A Colloection of Stories from Ancient India Folklore)

Tales - For The Young and The Old (A Colloection of Stories from Ancient India Folklore)

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Item Code: NAP139
Author: Acharya Ratnananda
Publisher: Sri Sri Publications Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9789380114231
Pages: 119
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 170 gm
About The Book

All along the ramparts of time, our sages and seers have evolved noble guidelines in human relationships through tales and parables. Stories have always attracted the young and the old and the reservoir of ancient Indian wisdom contains thousands of stories which offer solutions to most of the modem day problem. It is the desire of Gurudev to present to the Art of Living family and the world a few of these entertaining and educative stories from our Indian scriptures. Acharya Ratnananda is now translating this desire into action. Let us now awake through these stories to the world of faith, fantasy and fiction as well as love, laughter and life.

About The Author

Acharya Ratnananda is a renowned Vedic scholar from Bangalore. He hails from family spiritual masters and his parents were associated with the youngest son of Mahatma Gandhi and took active part in India’s freedom struggle. He is the father of the world renowned sage and scholar Sri Sri Ravishankar, the inspiring source behind the Art of Living programs all over the world, by which millions of people have benefited. He is a founder trustee of Ved Vignam Maha Vidyapeeth, a well known educational and charitable trust as also the president of Vista India, a charitable organisation engaged in uplifting poor rural women and children in a Christian institution and studied the ancient Indian scriptures at home. This twofold approach gives him a clearer perception of the eastern and western schools of thought, in matters influencing life on the physical, mental and emotional planes. His special field of research is the ancient Indian heritage and its practical applications in modern times, as also the ancient sciences of medical astrology, yoga and ayurveda.


The Single Parent9
What is God's Work11
Loving the Master15
How Long is the Human /history19
Duties and Desires23
The Revelaion25
Truth Related to Reality27
The Monkey Business31
Worry and Work33
A New Vision35
A Gift of Value37
The Three Tests39
The Historic Meeting47
When He Laughed 51
The Power in a Name53
The Elephant and the Pig57
The Wise Joker59
Halfway House61
Passport to Heaven65
Action and Non-action69
Depending on God71
The Mixture of Good & Evil73
Divinity's Different Forms75
The Master's Favourite79
Fate and Freewill83
Observe and Serve87
Gnana Vasishta91
Learning and Love93
The Fourth Dimension97
Bless and Bliss99
Art of Survival103
The Challenge107
A Veritable Paradise on Earth109
Ham and Jam111
Motherless Mother113

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