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Vedic Experience: Mantramanjari (An Anthology of the Vedas for modern man and contemporary celebration)

Vedic Experience: Mantramanjari (An Anthology of the Vedas for modern man and contemporary celebration)
Item Code: NAB477
Author: Raimundo Panikkar
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8120812808
Pages: 937
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9" X 6"
About the Book:

One of the most stupendous manifestations of the Spirit is undoubtedly that which has been handed down to us under the generic name of the Vedas. The Vedas are still too much neglected not only in the world at large but also in their country of origin. This Vedic anthology will make direct and fruitful knowledge of the Vedas available to a wider range of people than the small elite of pandits and Indologists.

This anthology collects the most crucial text of the Indian Sacred Scriptures - in all more than 500 - newly translated into contemporary English. Dr. Panikkar's principle has been to select and place together texts so as to offer a selection of texts that cover the full range of 'The Vedic Experience' and at the same time to show how they manifest the universal rhythms of nature, history, and Man. Excerpts are taken from the oldest hymns, such as the Rig Veda; from the Brahmanas, the Aranyakas, or "Forest Treatises", and finally the Upanishads, which represent the mystical and philosophical culmination of the Vedas.

This is a book for meditation, for reading, public and private, as well as for thorough study at this wellspring of human wisdom. It should moreover, facilitate that meeting of East and West so long desired and delayed, and now so Imperative.

About the Author:

Raimundo Panikkar is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His books include The Unknown Christ of Hinduism, Worship and Secular man, The Trinity and the Religious Experience of Man, The Intrareligious Dialogue and Myth, Faith and Hermeneutics.



A. The Vedic Epiphany
  1. An Anthology
  2. Of the Vedas
  3. For Modern Man
  4. And Contemporary Celebration
B. A Note on Vedic Tradition
  1. The Vedic Literature
  2. Sanskrit Pronunciation
  3. The Recitation of the Vedas
First Mantra
The Gayatri
A. Prelude
  1. The Hymn of the Origins
  2. Creative Fervor
  3. The Cosmic Pillar
  4. The Birth of God
  5. The Primordial Man
  6. The Sacrifice of God
  7. In the Beginning
  8. The Transcending Immance
B. The Word
  1. Revelation
  2. The Divine Word
  3. Sharing in the Word
  4. The Knowledge of the Sacred Word
  5. The Origin of the Word
  6. The Interior Word
C. The Elements
a) Waters
  1. The Primordial Waters
  2. The Divine Waters
  3. The Waters of Life
b) Earth
  1. The Mighty Earth
  2. Hymn to the Earth
c) Wind
  1. The Blowing of the Sprit
  2. The Gifts of the Spirit
D. The Lord
  1. The Refulgent One
  2. The Friend of Man
  3. The Master of the Universe
  4. The Heroes of Sundry Exploits
  5. The King of Heaven and Earth
  6. Measurer of the Three Worlds
  7. The Supreme Lordship
  8. The Savior
E. Emerging Life
a) Dawn
  1. Now Light Has Come
  2. Daughter of Heaven
  3. Lady of Light
b) Human Birth
  1. Desire for a Son
  2. The First Birth
  3. Ceremony After Birth
c) Faith
  1. Acting Faith
  2. Thinking Faith
  3. Loving Faith
A. The First Blessings of the Lord
a) Divine Gifts
  1. His Golden Arms the Godhead Has Extended
  2. Inspirer of Heaven and Earth
  3. The Dispenser of Blessings from on High
  4. The One Invoked by Both Sides in the Battle
  5. The Breath of Life
  6. The Treasure of Life
  7. Above Time is Set a Brimful Vessel
  8. Upon Time All the Worlds Repose
  9. The Discovery of the Nontemporal
b) Food
  1. A Sacred Meal for Gods and Men
  2. Food of Eternal Life
B. Awakening and Coming of Age
a) Initiation Into Human Life
  1. Loftier Than the Gods
  2. The First Seed of Mind
  3. The Ritual
b) Growing Into One
  1. May All the Divine Powers Join Our Two Hearts in One
  2. I Am He, You Are She
  3. The Rite
  4. Husband and Wife
C. The World of Man
a) Knowing the Earth
  1. Lord of the Field
  2. A Harvest Blessing
  3. As a Spring Gushes Forth in a Thousand Streams
  4. For a Bountiful Harvest
  5. For Prosperity at Home
  6. You Have Poured Down the Rain
  7. Sprite of the Forest
  8. Priestly Task
  9. The Diverse Callings of Men
  10. The Sacrifice of Secular Man
  11. May I Attain the Span of a Hundred Winters
  12. The Cows Have Come
  13. The Blessing of a House
  14. This House is Built by Worship
  15. A Merchant's Prayer
  16. Increase of Wealth
  17. The Joy of Fearlessness
  18. Light, Fearlessness and Blessing
  19. Prayer for Happiness
  20. May Peace Bring Peace
A. Radiance and Cosmic Refulgence
a) Divine Splendor
  1. The Joy of Every Single Eye
  2. The Supreme Light
  3. The Dispeller of Darkness
  4. The Mediator
  5. The Universal Lord
  6. The Inner Light
  7. The Splendor of God
b) Cosmic Splendor in Man
  1. The Whole Man
  2. Give Sight to Our Eyes
  3. Prayer for Well-being
  4. Giver of Life
  5. Man's Glory
  6. Human Splendor
B. Sacrifice
  1. Creation of Sacrifice
  2. The Origin of Sacrifice
  3. The Fire Sacrifice
  4. The Drop of Life
  5. The Pressing Stones
  6. The Sacred Tree
  7. The Sacrificial Horse
  8. The Struggle for Immortality
  9. Life-Giving Immolation
  10. Sacrifice Is Man
  11. The Desire of Heaven
  12. Fidelity and Faith
  13. The Anthropocosmic Sacrifice
  14. The Anthropocentric Sacrifice
  15. The Sacrifice of the Mind
  16. The Integral Action
C. Breaking the Boundaries
  1. At Home in Both Sear, East and West
  2. Without Urge and without Identity
  3. The True Yogin
A. Sorrow and Suffering
a) Physical Ailments
  1. Spare Us, O Burning Fever
  2. Away, and Come No More!
  3. Sickness... Keep Off!
  4. Deliver Us From All Afflictions
  5. Decrease and Old Age
b) The Obstruction on the Way
  1. Beyond Sorrow and Suffering
  2. You Should Not be Distressed
B. Sin and Mercy
  1. Break the Chains That Bind Us
a) Evil and Fear
  1. The Origin of Evil
  2. Heaven and Earth Deliver Us From Evil
  3. May the Lord Burn Away Our Sin!
  4. Lament of a Rueful Gambler
  5. Cleanse Me From My Sins
  6. Forgive Us Our Debts
  7. Free Us From Our Creditors
b) The Merciful Lord
  1. He Counts the Blinks of Every Eye
  2. Let the Thread of My Song Not Be Snapped While I Sing
  3. I Question Myself on My Sin
  4. Forgive, Lord, Have Mercy!
c) Purification
  1. The Cleansing Bath
  2. Purifying Knowledge
  3. The Fire of Wisdom
A. The Great Departure
a) The Mystery of the Beyond
  1. The Twin of Gods and Men
  2. Drinking Soma With the Gods
  3. Within Death There Is Immortality
  4. Two Ways Are Given to Mortals
  5. The Last Journey
  6. The Breaking of the Death-Cycle
b) The Blessings for the Journey
  1. The Forerunner
  2. Let Him Come Back Again
  3. Deliverance and Freedom
  4. Prayer for the Fulfilment of Life
  5. Go Forth Into the Light of the Living
  6. The Last Surrender
c) Liturgy for the Dead
  1. The Rites
  2. Escorted by the Gods
  3. Effacing the Traces of Death
  4. Putting on a New Life
B. The Other World
a) Cosmic Distintegration
  1. The Deluge
  2. In Whom All Things Dissolve
  3. The Nightfall of the World
b) Hell
  1. The Bottomless Abyss
  2. Men Dismembering Each Other
  3. The Triple Gate of Hell
c) Heaven
  1. Where Light Unfailing Ever Shines
  2. The Community of Saints
  3. The World of Goodness
  4. Paradise
  5. The Everlasting World
  6. The Gates of Heaven
A. The Ascending Way
a) Toward the One
  1. The One
  2. The One Only
b) Transcendental Consciousness
  1. The Absolute
  2. Consciousness
B. The Internal Way
a) The Discovery of the Ground
  1. The Self
  2. The Absolute Self
b) The Disclosure of the Subject
  1. The Person
  2. I
  3. I am Brahman without a Second
C. The Encounter
a) The Fulfilment of the Person
  1. You
  2. Liberation
b) The Absolute Simplicity
  1. The Sacred Syllable
A. Sunrise
  1. Gracious Disposition
a) Spring
  1. To the Divine Craftsman
  2. You Who Shine Forth, Bring Blessings to Men
  3. Lead Us to Pastures Green, O God
  4. O cleansing Drink, Make Us Perfect
  5. All is Enveloped by the Lord
b) Summer
  1. The Divine Architect
  2. Dawn Spurns None, Whether Lowly or Mightly
  3. Most Loving God, Guard Us From Evil
  4. Lord, We Desire Your Friendship
  5. He Moves and He Moves Not
c) Rainy Season
  1. The Divine Creator
  2. Dawn, Emblem of the Immortal
  3. The Divine Inspirer Arises
  4. Inspire Us to Skill of Mind and Hand
  5. In Him Dwells All Wisdom
d) Autumn
  1. Know, O People, a Mighty mystery
  2. Light Up Our Path Lead Us to Worship
  3. The Priest of All Joy
  4. Pure and Ever More Pure
  5. Passing Over Death
e) Winter
  1. Grant to Us Life, Power and Riches
  2. O Dawn, Convey to Us Joy
  3. The Inspirer of All Men, Heart's Delight
  4. Born for Glory, Come Forth for Glory!
  5. Immortality
Frosty Season
  1. In Whom Dwells All That Lives and Breathes
  2. Dawn has Arisen, Our Welfare is Assured
  3. May He Who Knows Lead the Way!
  4. Drive Far All Sorrow!
  5. Unveil Your Face That I May See the Truth!
B. Sunset
  1. Divine Grace
a) Spring
  1. You are of All Men the Brother
  2. We Praise You in Our Homes
  3. Night Immortal, Bless Our Rest
  4. The Search Within
b) Summer
  1. Liberal Lord, Grant Us Your Treasure
  2. The One Who Brings Comfort to All Men
  3. Keep Watch, O Night, We Pray
  4. The Self Within
c) Rainy Season
  1. Rise, Lord, Direct Your Bow at Our Foes
  2. Our Closest Kinsman and Friend
  3. O Kindly One, Guard Us as We Sleep
  4. The Cave of the Heart
d) Autumn
  1. From You Springs Inspiration
  2. In Praise of a Generous Giver
  3. You Have Come, Blessed Night
  4. Only By the Spirit
e) Winter
  1. May the Lord Find Pleasure in Our Praises
  2. Your Minds Be of One Accord!
  3. Sinless, O Night, Lead Us to Dawn
  4. He Who Was and Ever Shall Be
f) Frosty Season
  1. Be Present, O Lord
  2. Like spokes Round a Hub
  3. We Call on the Gods, Again and Again
  4. The Pure Water of Understanding

Last Mantra

Sanskrit Glossary

Table of Quoted Scriptures

Index of Texts and References

General Index

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