Vedic Sun Signs
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Vedic Sun Signs

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Author: Ajai Bhambi
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788129116390
Pages: 254
Cover: Paperback
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Indian astrologers all over the world and also other international astrologers who are well versed in the Indian system of astrology use the term and apply ‘Vedic Astrology’ in the course of casting horoscopes and interpreting them. Vedic astrology is currently the most prevalent form of astrology the world over. Of late, there has been a great change in the way people think and they are now understanding and respecting Vedic astrology; it has gained global acceptance. There are many institutions, primarily in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries, which are teaching Vedic astrology. People are envisaging an interest in it through various workshops and seminars being conducted. It was a pleasant experience to note the level of interest and the knowledge of not only professionals in this field but also people from all walks of life, during several workshops, seminars and lectures that I conducted in countries like the US, Canada, France, Japan, Russia and UAE.

Over the centuries, Vedic astrology has proven its worth in various fields and has been accurately predicting earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural calamities. Vedic astrology is capable in itself of predicting the present, future and past of individuals with uncanny accuracy The data used to make these astonishing predictions uses the Indian almanac and the planetary positions based on the ‘Nirayana’ or Sidereal System. This book also deals with details of this system. It has been observed through the collective experience of brilliant minds in this field that it is the Vedic system of astrology that was the tried and trusted system; it continues to be so today too.

There is a basic difference between the Vedic and the Western system of astrology. The Vedic system is called ‘Nirayana’ or sidereal system and the Western is called ‘Sayan’ system of astrology According to the Sayan system, the zodiac moves backwards from the Vernal equinox of 285 A.D. based on the position of the star Chitra or Virginis onwards. Therefore, there is a difference of 23 days between both the systems. To get the longitude of different planets including the Sun, the difference is 23 days. It is noted that according to Western astrology, Sun enters into Aries and different signs around 21st “or 22nd of every month whereas according to the Vedic system, Sun enters a new sign from the 14th or 15th of every month. Let’s take a simple example; according to the Western system Sun enters Aries on 2lst “March and according to the Vedic system it enters Aries on 14th April. This is because of the difference of approximately 23rd days. Most of our readers are in for a surprise; their sun sign may not be the same sun sign which they have been reading or hearing. As a matter of fact the horoscopes cast till now as per the Vedic system would also have the position of the Sun as per the chart mentioned in this book. This book is not an attempt to propound any new concept; it brings to the forefront the prevalent facts and a treasure of knowledge.

The beginning of astrology betrays human memory and is as old as the stars. Many noted scientists have referred to astrology as an exceptional science. The noted astronomer Edmond Halley asked Sir Isaac Newton how he could possibly believe in astrology Sir Isaac Newton answered, ‘Because I have studied the matter, Sir, you have not’. Therein lies the crux of the matter science and astrology. Astrology is about the planets of our solar system. Astrology is the geometric placement of planets which somehow effects us. Donald Cardwel in his book The Norton History of Technology (1994) says astrology was after all, a reasonable science. The Sun dominates life on Earth, the Moon has many more subtle influences, e.g. it rules the tides. Surely, then on commonsense grounds the planets must have their own distinctive influences on the lives of Men and Women’.

Astrology is considered to be one of the oldest branches of cosmology. Ever since man looked at a star to find his direction, the journey of civilisations also began. With the passing of seasons, man also observed the solar movement and its influence on the changing seasons. Once it became predictable, it helped him in adapting and building a social system. These correct and dependable predictions of changing seasons have been established since time immemorial. Man gave these planets of the solar system a godly manifestation and they were later given the form of mythological deities. However, some sections of intellectuals followed this phenomenon as a purely scientific one. Today, with knowledge at our disposal, we understand that planets are cosmic bodies and not gods and Man can even land on them and radiate electromagnetic energies. It was for this knowledge that Astrology was an important course of study in many major European universities even thousands of years ago.

The predictive ability of astrological science has been proven Without doubt. The role of astrology cannot be denied in the life of an individual, whether in social life or to a large extent in influencing even entire civilisations. Vedic astrology has played a very important role throughout the world and continues to do so in the modern/Aquarian age too. In India, where Vedic astrology was at a pinnacle, it is paradoxical that most of the Indian astrologers use the Western system of astrology in their writings and forecasts. This is contrary to what is learnt and practised. The irony is that a serious and comprehensive subject has come down to the level of leisure and entertainment. We hope that this genuine attempt to recognise and restore the glory of Vedic astrology will be well received and used in future.

After contemplating on the subject of this book for long, I decided to bring forth this important field study for the masses. It will help people to get acquainted with Vedic astrology; the date of birth enables one to know one’s personality and realise their true potential. Different sun signs and constellations bring forth the positive as well as negative aspects. One can draw benefits from this with some understanding of these traits and adjustments in one’s life. While writing about the Sun’s nakshatra in different signs, we have given the examples of international luminaries which could be inspiring and easy for the readers to draw a parallel with. It is very important to mention here that while interpreting the different signs, we have not deviated from the Vedic concept.

Normally, one nakshatra remains for 13 days and there are 27 nakshatras in total. Each sign contains two and a quarter nakshatras which means that one nakshatra is present in two different signs. Therefore, a nakshatra could cover a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 13 days. Somewhere, there could be some overlapping because of the longitude of the Sun in different years. In that eventuality, we request our readers to check both the nakshatras.

The subjects that are considered totally aloof from astrological studies are in fact a part of it. According to Nancy Segal, a psychologist at California State University, your genes decide the time when you lose your virginity In this book, we have made a maiden attempt at describing the several effects on a person before and after their initial physical experience. A random sample survey of people from different nakshatras on this issue proves to be extremely encouraging. We would appreciate feedback from our readers as this would help us in our ongoing research.

No work can be completed without the help, support and inspiration of friends and close ones and my book is no exception. I am indebted to numerous people who have helped me on my sojourn to learn this subject and enabled me to spread this knowledge in the form of my writings. I extend my hearty thanks to all these people and especially to those without whose support this book would not have been possible. My wife, Nargis, has been a great Inspiration. I have been discussing all my ideas during the writing of this book with her and she has given invaluable inputs from time to time. We acknowledge some of the information obtained from Wikipedia. Sangeeta helped me in collecting and verifying the information. My nephew and niece Tarun and Sunaina helped me in the initial stages of this book. My friends, Paramjit Bagga, Ashok Aggarwal and Raghunandan Sharma, have developed these ideas, with whom I have put in appreciable efforts for the book. Meera Mathur immensely supported me throughout the process and was instrumental in editing. How can I forget Nirdosh, my long associate for the last thirty years, who tirelessly typed and formatted while I kept changing and deleting. I really appreciate Kapish Mehra’s insight in our first meeting to pen down something for! his publication; the result has taken the shape of this book. I thank them all from the core of my heart.

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Did you know that the Sun Sign you thought was yours may not really be yours! Did you known that the Sun Sign that you had been referring to could be different from the one that really belongs to you going by your birth chart and Vedic astrology?

This book opens gates for assessing one’s personality as per Vedic astrology. Where it brings out the key differences between the Vedic and the Western system of astrology on the one hand, it also highlights the role of the twenty-seven nakshatras on the other.

It being a maiden attempt at unfolding personality traits of people from different Sun Signs, the readers will be fascinated to notice their distinctive characteristics once they are able to relate with the Sun nakshatra at the time of their birth. Vedic Sun Signs also brings together for the first time, the profiles of international celebrities and the journey of their lives; this enables one to obtain a deeper clarity and perception of the people from the same nakshatra.

An astrologer of international repute, Ajai Bhambi has been practicing astrology for thirty-five years. A post-graduate in Economics and a law graduate, he has mastery in astrology and a deep understanding of the practical aspects of life. Ajai Bhambi’s accurate predictions about celebrities, countries and events have amazed people and continue to do so. A prolific writer, he has authored several books and writes for many magazines and newspapers; he also features in many television shows in India.




  Preface ix
1 Importance of the Sun in Astrology 1
2 Clarification of Nirayan (Indian) and Sayan (Western) Systems 11
3 Why Vedic Sun Signs 19
4 Aries 25
5 Taurus 48
6 Gemini 67
7 Cancer 86
8 Leo 105
9 Virgo 123
10 Libra 143
11 Scorpio 162
12 Sagittarius 180
13 Capricorn 190
14 Aquarius 218
15 Pisces 237

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