With the Divine Mother (Volume II)

With the Divine Mother (Volume II)

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Author: Sriram
Publisher: Anandashram Kerala
Edition: 2010
Pages: 192
Cover: Paperback
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“It is simply a joy to read the beautiful account of Mother Krishnabai. What purity and bliss she radiates on all around her! She has the vision of the Truth. She is love personified.”

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Sriram, born in 1932, was closely connected with Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji from his birth. In the arly days he was fondled by both of them and grew up in the holy atmosphere of Anandashram. Compelled by the urge to serve Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji, he resigned his job in 1981 and settled down in Ashram with his wife Nalini for good. From then on he has been deeply involving in various Ashram activities with love and devotion.

Publisher’s Note

We are glad to present before the readers the second volume of the series WITH THE DIVINE MOTHER - a compilation of the talks of Pujya Mataji Krishnabai faithfully recorded by Sri Sriram—who recently took to the order of Sannyas and assumed the name Swami Shuddhananda—now being serialised in THE VISION The first and second Volumes covered the period January 9, 1981 to February 12, 1981. This Volume covers the period February 13, 1981 to April 14, 1981.

Sri Sriram in his inimitable style had brought out the different facets unfolding the exalted personality of Pujya Mataji. The contents of the book, we are sure, will leave a delectable impression on the readers which will help them in their spiritual pursuit.


It was one afternoon around 230 P.M. in the month of February 1988 Sri Swami Satchidanandaji had finished the reading of the day ‘letters to Pujya Mataji and left the room. I was alone with Mataji in Papa’s room, standing behind her cot and fanning her In the Bhajan hall, Ram Nam was going on. Mataji: “You have been keeping notes of my talks, haven’t you?”

Taken aback a little, for I never imagined that ‘Pujya Mataji knew about the notes I had preserved: “Yes, Mataji. But I have written them down mainly for my own benefit.”

Mataji: “That is all right you may even publish them later on, when I am not there. Only see that the talks are faithfully inscribed.”

“Yes, Mataji.”
This record covers the years 1981 to 1983 and a little of 1986- ‘87. It is Pujya Mataji boundless love and kindness towards this humble child of hers, as to all her children, that has enabled me to record her illuminating talks for posterity…