Your Face Mirrors Your Fortune (Vedic Physiognomy)
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Your Face Mirrors Your Fortune (Vedic Physiognomy)

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Item Code: NAJ111
Author: R. G. Rao
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 818823091X
Pages: 120
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.0 inch X 5.0 inch
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Publisher’s Note

Physiognomy is directly related with Astrology and Astronomy. A Large number of treatises are found in ancient shastras of Hindus on this subject. Prahlad’s Samundrika Shastra and Stree Anga Lakshanam are often quoted by physiognomers Poet laureate maharshi Valmiki has described Shri Rama’s physical features in Sundara Kand Adi Kavya Ramayanam. Samudra raja describes glorious physical features of Maha Vishnu.

Physiognomy is mainly concerned with the study of forehead, eye brows, eyes, ears, mouth, lips, cheeks and chin. All these are the parts of face. So the study of these sense organs may be called face reading. Face reading is very interesting subject. It is most useful for psychologists, police officers and detectives. Hence it is very popular in America, Germany, France and other Europeon countries.

Formation of eyes, ears, etc. certainly reveals one’s nature and characteristics, strength and weakness, virtue and vice. Big and wide nostrils indicate an angry person, clear and sparkling eyes are index of the purity of heart, big ears mean the person is generous, a cunning person will h ave cat eyes. Broad shining forehead shows intelligence, and so on. That is why face is called ‘Index of Mind’. Shri R.G. Rao, the author of this book, goes one step further, saying, ‘Your face mirrors your fortune” Now we can explain the dictum with the formula A=B, B=C, and C=D then A=D . Face shows characteristics, characteristics govern Karma and Karma shapes fortune. That is why fact mirrors fortune. Knowing the characteristics of a person by simply looking at his face, is very helpful for us in dealing with the persons whom we come in contact, This is why we hope that this book will prove very useful for our readers and they will appreciate our efforts. We further hope that the scholars of Astrology will find the author’s work more useful and most valuable for the reason that the author has put forth a guideline for them to make the natal chart of a person by careful study of his eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Etc.


1 Introduction 1-17
2 Nose 17-21
3 cheeks 22-24
4 Chin 25-28
5 Lips 28-30
6 Teeth 30-32
7 Neck 33
8 Head 33-34
9 The shape of the Face and the Flowering of Life as a sequence 35-36
  General Features signified by each Planet  
10 The sun Face 38-40
11 The Moon Face 38-40
12 The Mars Face 40-42
13 The Mercury or Famine Face 42-45
14 The Jupiter Face 45-47
15 The Hexagonal or Mercury Face 47-50
16 The Saturn Type 50-52
17 Fig. C To L 52-61
18 Description of Half-Faces (Fig. 1-16) 61-67
19 Face Expressions: Plate No. (Fig. 1-10) 68-74
20 Face Expressions: Plate No.(Fig.11-18) 75-78
21 Outeline Drawing - Eyebrows (Fig.1-15) 79-83
22 Eyes & Eyebrows of Noble (Notable) persons 83-91
23 The Lips (Outlines) 92-94
24 The Teeth 94-95
25 the Forehead 95
26 the Hair 96-100
27 The Forehead 100-102
28 The Second Point in Eye-brows (Mars) 102-103
29 The Eyes 103-104
30 The Nose 104-105
31 The Cheeks 105
32 The Mouth, Lips and the Teeth 105-106
33 The Chin 107
34 Throat and Nect 107-108
35 Ears 108-109
36 the head 109
37 The voice-culture 109-110
38 Meaning of Movements 110
39 Someof the Animals - Their Ruling Planets 111-112

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