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Essence Of Vedanta

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Sri Swami Sivananda Born on the 8th September, 1887, in the illustrious family of Sage Appayya Dikshitar and several other renowned saints and savants, Sri Swami Sivananda had a natural flair for a life devoted to the study and practice of Vedanta. Added to this was an inborn eagerness to serve all and an innate feeling of unity with all mankind. His passion for service drew him to the medical career; and soon he gravitated to where he thought that his service was most needed. Malaya claimed ...
Sri Swami Sivananda

Born on the 8th September, 1887, in the illustrious family of Sage Appayya Dikshitar and several other renowned saints and savants, Sri Swami Sivananda had a natural flair for a life devoted to the study and practice of Vedanta. Added to this was an inborn eagerness to serve all and an innate feeling of unity with all mankind.

His passion for service drew him to the medical career; and soon he gravitated to where he thought that his service was most needed. Malaya claimed him. He had earlier been editing a health journal and wrote extensively on health problems. He discovered that people needed right knowledge most of all; dissemination of that knowledge he espoused as his own mission.

It was divine dispensation and the blessing of God upon mankind that the doctor of body and mind renounced his career and took to a life of renunciation to qualify for ministering to the soul of man. He settled down at Rishikesh in 1924, practised intense austerities and shone s a great Yogi, saint, sage and Jivanmukta.

In 1932 Swami Sivananda started the Sivanandashram. In 1936 was born the Divine Life Society. In 1948 the Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy was organized. Dissemination of spiritual knowledge and training of people in Yoga and Vedanta were their aim and object. In 1950 Swamiji undertook a lightning tour of India and Ceylon. In 1953 Swamiji convened a 'World Parliament of Religions'. Swamiji is the author of over 30 volumes and has disciples all over the world, belonging to all nationalities, religions and creeds. To read Swamiji's works is to drink at the Fountain of Wisdom Supreme. On 14th July, 1963 Swamiji entered Mahasamadhi.

About the Book

Vedanta is the crest-jewel of all schools of philosophical thought which preaches the Unity of Existence, or Oneness of Consciousness. It proclaims that all these innumerable beings are, in essence, one and the same. It thrills and widens the heart, brightens the intellect, and makes one experience the absolute Being, the Only Reality. Goodness of heart and intelligence of brain, which the whole world considers as a marvelous possession, is superseded by the Divinity of Absolute Consciousness through direct intuitional cognition of the Universal soul.

"Essence of Vedanta" is a priceless jewel from the diadem of Sivananda Literature.

Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, unlike many other Vedantins, is a practical Vedantin. This glorious characteristic runs through all his writings. This wonderful scripture bears witness to it.

We are confident that students of Vedanta, and seekers after Truth who have chosen the path of Jnana, will find in this volume a great practical guide to Self-realisation.

Publishers' Note(5)
Chapter I
The Nature of Truth or Brahman43
What Is Jnana Yoga?46
The Path of the Vedantic Aspirant47
Hints on Vedantic Sadhana49
Philosophy 51
Annihilation of the Ego54
Internal Sadhana55
Obstacles in the Path59
Wisdom and Realisation60
Chapter II
Bhuma Vidya65
Maitreyi Vidya66
Sandilya Vidya66
Dahara Vidya67
Vaisvanara Vidya67
Panchagni Vidya68
Udgitha Vidya69
Purusha Vidya69
Paryanka Vidya70
Akshara Vidya70
Samvarga Vidya71
Madhu Vidya72
Prana Vidya72
Upakosala Vidya73
Akshi Vidya73
Antaraditya Vidya74
Aditya Vidya74
Satyakama Vidya74
Akasa Vidya75
Bhrigu-Varuni Vidya75
Anandamaya Vidya76
Ushasta-Kahola Vidya76
Uddalaka-Aruni Vidya77
Svetaketu Vidya77
Jyotisham Jyotir-Vidya78
Satya-Jnana-Ananta Vidya78
Shodasakala Vidya78
Chapter III
Nature of Brahman80
Contradictions Reconciled80
Vision of a Sage and a Worldly Man81
Superimposition (Adhyasa)81
Happiness Is in Atman Only82
One Brahman Is Both Material and Efficient Cause82
Brahman Is Unattached82
Qualifications of an Aspirant82
Method of Meditation83
Nature of Brhman86
Contradiction Reconciled89
The Vision of a Sage and a Worldly Man94
Superimposition (Adhyasa)95
Happiness Is in Atman Only97
Brahman Is Both Material and Efficient Cause98
Brahman Is Unattached99
Qualifications of an Aspirant102
Method of Meditation106
Chapter IV
Withdrawal From Multiplicity108
Fitness for Wisdom109
Guide to Meditation111
Subtle and Most Subtle116
Remove the Colouring of the Mind118
Samgraha Vedanta Prakaranam119
Tat Tvam Asi122
Equal Vision124
Glory of Pranava125
Chapter V
The Struggle for the Infinite127
The First Observation127
Analysis of the Self129
Application to Life130
Waking Experience Is As False As Dream Experience132
Anvaya and Vyatireka139
Chapter VI
The Message of the Upanishads151
Upanishads on Food159
Eating Is a Sacrifice162
Chapter VII
Categories in Vedanta165
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Introduction 180
Anirvachaniya Khyati188
Chapter X
What Is Vedanta?193
Vedanta Solves All Problems194
Vedanta For Health194
Vedanta For World-peace194
Vedantin's Brahman195
Snake-in-the-Rope Analogy195
There Is Only One Soul195
Practise Complacency195
Share With All196
Japa of Om During Work196
Take the Essence196
Remember Sankara's Words197
Be a Witness197
Know Thyself197
Watch the Breath198
Study These Books198
Vedantic Formulae198
Be Balanced199
Possess Thee Means199
Antaranga Sadhana200
Enquire 'Who Am I?'200
Separate and Identify200
Negate the Body and the Mind201
Assert and Realise201
Chant and Sing Om201
Song of Om201
Vedantic Sadhana202
The State of a Jivanmukta202
Song of a Vedantin202
Song of Chidananda203
Four Mahavakyas203
Mantras for Ahamgraha Upasana204
Chapter XI
Human Birth Is for God-realisation205
Waste not Precious Life207
Renunciation Is a Glorious Thing208
Sense-life Is a Terrible Bondaga213
Sensual Life Is Shameful Life215
Your Wretched Stare216
Real Svarajya Is Atma Svarajya 221
Tyaga Is True Heroism222
Money Is a Source of Misery224
How Rotten Physical Beauty Is225
The Fleeting Nature of Things227
There Is Only Suffering in This World228
Pleasure Is Purely Illusive230
This Disgraceful Modern Age232
Worldly Man Wake Up235
Follow the Wise239
Chapter XII
Prince or Fisherman?242
The Distant Inheritance243
The Parable of the Millionaire's Son245
Formulae for Nirguna Meditation246

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