Morality Number: Special Issue of the Spiritual Magazine Kalyana Kalpataru

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Contents   1 Dear Readers vii 2 Subhãathsã—Rabindra Nath Guru xi 3 A Prayer to Vinayaka—Ekarasa xii 4 Prayers to Almighty xv 5 Five Great Sacrifices 5 6 The Foundation of Morality —Brahmalina Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 6 ...


1 Dear Readers vii
2 Subhãathsã—Rabindra Nath Guru xi
3 A Prayer to Vinayaka—Ekarasa xii
4 Prayers to Almighty xv
5 Five Great Sacrifices 5
6 The Foundation of Morality —Brahmalina Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 6
7 How to Get Easily Released from Bondage —Brahmalina Swami Ramsukhdas 11
8 The Common Dharma of Humanity —Nityalilalina Sri Hanumanprasad Poddar 14
9 For giveness—Keshoram Aggarwal 20
10 Moral Values as Preached by Paramãcarya of Kanchi 22
11 Dimensions of Morality —Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya 25
12 The Universal Dharma —Swami Padmanabhananda 30
13 Ideal Man of Highest Morality in Gitã —Rukmini Ramamurthy 32
14 Morality and Sensitivity through Upaniads for Modern Youth—Prof Shashi Tiwari 35
15 Swami Vivekänanda on Morality —Dr. Debabrata Das 42
16 Morality and Dharma—P. R. Kannan 47
17 Morality—V Ramanathan 58
18 Filial Piety and ravana 67
19 Devotion to Duty as Foundation of Morality —R. P. Dwivedi 68
20 Pollution of Thought—V. V. Rampal 72
21 Morality and Sanãtana Dharma —Om Prakash Dubey 76
22 Morality and We—Amolak Ram 81
23 Morality—N. Rajagopalan 84
24 Morality and Role of Media—Surendra Pal 92
25 Morals to be Learnt from rimad Ramayana —R. Kannan 94
26 True Basis of Morality—Swami Chidananda 100
27 Moral Education—Dr. A. R. Mohapatra 102
28 Self-Exhortation 105
29 Eternal Verities and Morality: The Oriental Perspective Some Random Thoughts —Dr. V V B. Rama Rao 106
30 Morality—The Foundation of Social Structure —Prem Kumar Gupta 111
31 Enemies that Hound Us and Flow to Get rid of Them—N. B. Mathur 116
32 Destiny of the World—M. S. Patel 124
33 Gambling: A Detestable Vice in ggveda —Dr. Ramkrishna Saraf 126
34 Satyameva Jayate—S. K Balasubramanian 128
35 Ethics and Values—P. Bhawanisankar Rao 132
36 A Tangible Proof of Morality—Fire Ordeal —Shrokaran Upadhyaya 136
37 Morality by Way of Right Conduct (Sadãcãra) —Swami Sivananda Saraswati 139
38 Morality in Marital Relations 143
39 Sivi—A Paragon of Moral Ethics 147
40 Morality the Elixir of Happy Life —M. Venkata Subbarao 148
41 Draupadi—An Icon of Virginity—S. Han 151
42 Dharma—The Universal Law of Morality —Shailaja S. 160
43 The Need of Moral Life—Hiralal B. Panihar 164
44 Morality—Swami Sivananda 168
45 Exalted Morality of a Hindu Girl in Kaliyuga 173
46 Morality in Courts of Law—P. S. Varma 181
47 Forgiveness—Alice Feinstein 184
48 Value-based Education—Dr. R. V. Vaidya 192
49 Combating Inner Terrorism through Durga Saptaati—Dr. Uma San gameswaran 196
50 Real Morality—Swami Rama Tirtha 200
51 Morality—An Integral part of Dharma —Kumble Vittal Rao 211
52 The Heart of Hindu Ethics —M. S. Sninivas Sharma 214
53 Morality in the Songs of Haridãsas —C. N. Sninivasa Rao 224
54 Morality in Vãlmiki Ramayaia 228
55 Role and Morals of Media in Resurging India —A. P. Anand 231
56 Religion and Morality—Lalji Ram Shukia 237
57 Dadhici—The Saviour 245
58 Merits of Meditation—K. Kesheven 246
59 Unselfishness—the Keynote of Vivekãnand’s Moral Teachings—Swami Sanmayananda 252
60 The Trinity—Dr. Suresh Chandra Pande 259
61 Need for Education Reforms vis-a-vis a Need for Moral Education —Thiagarajan Venkatasubramanian 260
62 Politics, Law and Morality —Prof Ramaa P. Dhokalia 265
63 Morality in the Upanisads —Basanta Kumar Chattopadhyaya 276
64 Detachment is a Perfect Morality —Swami Sangamnath 281
65 The Restoration of Right Values in Human Life—P. S. Ramanathan 283
66 Morality in Shape of Forbearance in Bhãgavata 287
67 Morality is the Base of Real Prosperity —Swami Bajarangabali Brahmachari 297
68 Morality in the Form of Toleration —C. M. Ramachandra and C. S. Krishna Iyer 300
69 India’s Cultural Ethos of Unity in Diversity —Lt. Col. R. K Lan gar 307
70 Ekanatha—Pity Incarnate 311
71 Morality as Preached and Practised by Sri Rãmakrsna—Subrata Chatterjee 312
72 Morality in Ancient India 319
73 A Picture of Immorality 322
74 Essential Moral Virtues—Swami Vivekananda 328
75 Interdependence of Morality and Religion —K. Saiyananda Rao 331
76 Value of Fearlessness —Paramahansa Yogananda 333
77 Practical Morality 343
78 Kindness—An Important Aspect of Morality —Harold G. Koening 346
79 Buddha—Morality Personified 352
80 Moka: The Preacher of Morality —Y. V. Ramakotaiah 355
81 Mahãtmã Gandhi—the Ideal of Morality 359
82 Tukãrãma—A Saint of Perfect Morality 362
83 Guru Nãnaka—Preacher of Moral Principles 364
84 Sri Ramanujacarya—A Lighthouse of Morality 366
85 Jesus Christ—Apostle of Morality 368
86 Mother Teresa—Pramod Kumar Tripathi 370
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