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The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - VARUNA

The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - VARUNA
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In our Shastras it has been mentioned that there are twelve forms of the Sun known as Adityas and they represent the twelve months in the calendar and twelve aspects of the Golden Deity Sun. As they are 12 in counting, they are referred as Dvadashadityas. Adityas are basically the monthly Suns which is an ancient word for earth moon barycentre for lunar month.

In the Rigveda, the Adityas are the sons of Aditi, and Varuna is the first among them who is a Demigod associated with sky initially. He is the son of Kashyap (One of seven ancient sages).

Here, Varuna looks like Vishnu, seated on a blooming divine lotus while postured in Padmasana. He has a transcendental blue body adorned in ravishing garments and auspicious ornaments with a stunning Gold Crown placed over the head and behind it the smashing and large round shaped aureole is adding a spark to complete display. He holds two full bloom lotuses, one rope and posing an abhaya mudra from his lower right hand. He has put on a green patka bordered with illustrative golden outlinigs. His mesmerising hair and lotus eyes are the all attractive features. Adding a highlight to the composition, the metallic chatra (umbrella) over his head is topped with a flag which is just an adorable part of the whole composition and it indicates respect for Varuna.

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Item Code: WI53
Water Color Painting On Cotton Fabric
Artist Manohar Saini
17.5 inches X 27.5 inches

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