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Tourmaline Pendant

Tourmaline Pendant
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The gemstone Tourmaline derived its name from Sinhalese term ‘turmali’ which means a stone with various colors. Tourmaline is one of the most durable and vibrant gemstones. This precious gemstone can be a part of your heirloom as it can last for a thousand years. It radiates such positive vibes that attract friendship, good health and protect the wearer from all sorts of dangers.

Exotic India has brought forth a multicolor Tourmaline pendant to intensify your inner and outer beauty. In this unique pendant, there is a lovely collection of cabochon gems of genuine tourmaline that have been carefully crafted in silver sterling metal. One section of the pendant has tourmaline gems varying from dark pink to light pink color and the other section has various hues of green and yellow color. The reddish-pink tourmaline gem in the center of the pendant makes it truly enchanting. Each crystal is cut with great precision and polished. The height of the pendant is 1.2 inches, width is 0.4 inch and the weight of the pendant is 6.4 gms.One can also choose a silver sterling chain to go along with the pendant that is available in varied sizes (16, 18, and 20 inches respectively).

This gem is of great value with alchemists as it has a pyroelectric effect. It grants enlightenment to those who want to pursue a spiritual path. It also acts as a talisman as it protects the person from evil influences. Apart from this, the terrific looking pendant has a perfect combination of rare pink and green gems which gives a trendy zest to this fabulous jewelry piece.

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Item Code: LAV27
Sterling Silver
1.2 inch Height
0.4 inch Width
6.4 gms

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