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A Moment Of Inward Reminiscence Of A Mughal Princess

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A Moment Of Inward Reminiscence Of A Mughal Princess
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There is much an elegant no-nonsense watercolour could do for your interiors, and this painting is just the one to pick if you have only begun experimenting with Indian art. The theme is simple and beauteous, such that you cannot go wrong with it. Midway through enjoying a leisurely walk on the palace grounds, a Mughal princess stops because a particularly beautiful flower of the fall has caught her eye. With her long, painted fingers she plucks it from underneath the tree swaying gently to the late afternoon winds of the season, an element of dynamicism that has been conveyed with a superb skill of the brush. As she stands there having taken in its scent and pulled back, she cuts a lovely picture in her flowing robes of pink and green and gold booties.

From the background of it, it looks like she has emerged quite a distance from her palace. The fields around her are plain and a pale green; and not a single tree or bush tended to by the famously skilled Mughal gardeners are within view any longer. A soufflé of the highly characteristic cirrocumulus clouds dominate the skies visible at a distance into the background. Just like those clouds, the princess seems to have wandered in her thoughts to a time, probably to an individual, that the scent of the flower reminds her. Her composure of countenance - and what a fair, soft-featured countenance that is - is one of plunging solemnity, almost sombre. Perhaps no sleep is slated to visit her aching mind the ensuing night.

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Item Code: MJ33
Watercolor Painting On Paper
Artist: Navneet Parikh
19.5 inch X 28.0 inch
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