Radha-Krishna Steeped In Music

Radha-Krishna Steeped In Music

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A quiet river traverses the foot of these verdant hills. Lotuses and lilypads aplenty, it is teeming with life and current and the inimitable coolness of the river. On a gigantic lotus that floats on His bosom is seated the amorous couple, Radha and Krishna. He is playing on a long, slender flute, while with Her fair fingers She strums upon the rudraveena (the dual-bellied veena of identical proportions, a classical musical instrument). Such is the ethereal quality of the Indian landscape that the divine simply comes into being.

The dhoti of peeta-coloured (a characteristic amber colour) silk contrasts sharply with the dusky complexion of Krishna. In keeping with Her traditional iconography, Radha is in a flowing lehenga and fitting shringar for a woman in love. They float across the dancing river in their togetherness, looking deeply into each other’s eyes like there is not much else that lies without. It is for the purity and profundity of their love that the tales of Radha-Krishna abound to this day.

Indeed, the visual narrative that you see on this page does justice to that love. The lines are soft and lifelike; the colours, all carefully chosen pastel tints. The uniform verdure of the hills in the distance and the almost clear streams set off the colours of the centrally situated figures. Such a painting would add to your space an aura of love and quiet devotion.

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Item Code: HO74
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist:Kailash Raj
6.5 inch X 9 inch
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