Shrinathji Of Nathdvara

Shrinathji Of Nathdvara

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The gracious Shrinathji is the balaka-roopa (child-manifestation) of Lord Krishna. Conceived of and institutionalised by Gusainji, the son of Vallabhacharya, the name Shrinath is a portmanteau of the Sanskrt words for penitude (shri) and lord/bestower (nath). The oil painting that you see on this page is the form of the Lord as could be seen in the temple town of Nathdvara - larger than life; complexion, an all-absorbing black’ and shringar fit for a balaka.

Afore a dark green aureole stands Lord Shrinath. He is a divine child, strong and well-built and looking over His devotees with an expression of solemnity and omniscience. A garland of fiery marigolds lies over the ample silver jewellery that graces His torso. A necklace of layered emeralds and streams of rubies and gold lockets. Studded gold amulets and silver anklets and gold toe-rings convey the abundance of compassion in the heart of the Lord. Speaking of abundance, at the Nathdvara shrine, the icon’s superfine clothing is changed eight times on a regular day without repetition.

In keeping with the unique iconography of Shrinathji, the central figure in this painting is flanked by portraits of snakes and boars and devotees and peacocks. A velvet-coated crown of gold, together with some other poojana implements, are placed in the foreground at the feet of the Lord. Note how the neon green peacock plume on His ornate headgear and the scarlet-coloured flowers on His body, contrast sharply with the signature complexion of Shrinathji.

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Oil on Canvas
Artist Anup Gomay
36 inch x 48 inch
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