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The Temptress

The Temptress
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Anup Gomay is known for his portrait art where he captures not only the Indian but even the European cultures. In this painting, he encapsulates a rosy tanned complexioned European girl with bushy eyebrows and wide round eyes that compliment her sleek Greek nose and thin watermelon lips.

The lass is appareled in a lace embroidered and plunge neck lined white shirt that reveals her perfect cleavage contrasted by a rusty gold and copper hued vest that goes along with her translucent white cape which envelops her arms. A neon blue striped cloth drapes over her beautiful hair as she tries to lift it up with one of her hands. She wears a velvet green skirt that is imprinted with sophisticated designs and couples it with a vibrant cincture like cloth that is knotted on her waist colored in lovely tints of red, yellow and green.

The lady's neck is adorned with a multilayered jade pearl opera and a gold necklace that conjoins with her thin gold bracelets and bangles. Her background is painted to show a yellowish golden bell and an intricately designed metal door which beautifies the entire scene. This painting turns out to be the artist's most amazing works due to the realistic effect that entrances the onlookers thus making it the best buying option for all home designers.

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Item Code: OV26
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
36 inch x 59 inch

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