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Young Maiden Paints Her Soles

Young Maiden Paints Her Soles
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A young maiden sits in the privacy of her chamber. She has had a long day, perhaps spent in the kitchen in order to welcome the evening guests. They would arrive any moment now, and her mother has sent her beautiful daughter to her room in order to do her hair and paint her palms and soles with alta. As such, the freshly applied dye would give off the most vibrant colour against her roseate skin.In parts of India, it is customary for young ladies to don the alta on the occasion of having prospective grooms visiting her with their respective families.

Made from the crushed petals of the hibiscus flowers, the organic dye has a rich red colour and is symbolic of youth and fecundity. There is a particular way of applying it - along the edges, a solid circle at the centre, at the tips of the digits - as could be gleaned from the gesture of the subject.

She has chosen a green bootidar saree for the occasion, teamed with a pink low-cut blouse. Languidly she traces her fingers dipped in alta along her soles, her minimal gold ornaments motioning in accordance with her gently tilting head. A soft lilac cushion lies next to her. Within moments she is going to finish off the alta and, whilst putting her ample tresses in a bun, wait for it to dry.

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Item Code: OV68
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
24 inches x 36 inches

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