25" Lord Dakshinamurty | Handmade | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai

25" Lord Dakshinamurty | Handmade | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai

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This beautifully crafted bronze statue depicts Shiva sitting under a Banyan tree imparting knowledge to the rishis(sages) who are sitting beside him in a state of pure devotion. Under his right foot is a demon symbolising ignorance while his left foot rests on his lap. He dispels the darkness of ignorance and brings clarity in the lives of his disciples through the fire and scriptures that he holds in his upper and lower right hand. In his left hand, he holds his damru(a musical instrument) and a garland symbolising the importance of devotion.

This bronze form depicts the lord in his complete grandeur and chastity. Having this statue installed will remind the possibility of beyond that exists for every human being. A state beyond discrimination, of ultimate purity and unity. The state that embodies the glorious magnificence of lord Dakshinamurty.

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25.00 inch Height X 16.00 inch Width X 13.00 inch Depth
31.35 kg

According to Hindu traditions, Lord Shiva is the first being who realised the heights human consciousness could ascend. He represents the highest of possibilities for mankind. It is said that when he realised his ultimate state, he started flowing with bliss and his whole body was radiating with joy and peace. Recognising this, many people sat near him to receive what Shiva had known. But Shiva, being in a transcendental state, kept his eyes closed for years. Finally, on the date of Guru Purnima, Shiva turned south and accepted them as his disciples. Being their guru(master), he imparted to them the highest of knowledge mankind has ever known.

In Sanskrit, the word 'Dakshinamurty' means the one who is turned south. In this form, Shiva is revered as the first guru who opened up to mankind a dimension beyond their reach. That is why 'Dakshinamurthy' also means the one who is benevolent and compassionate. It is said that those who worship this form of Shiva are soon blessed with a guru in their life if they are worthy enough.

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