25" Peacock Haloed Krishna Fluting With Surabhi Cow In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

25" Peacock Haloed Krishna Fluting With Surabhi Cow In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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A superfine brass toned up in a glossy amalgamation of brown, gold and silver, induces the royal grandeur of Lord Krishna, who stands in tribhanga with the right foot bent in elegance and left one full flat on a three tiered pedestal with the first two layers carved in lotus petals and the last depicts unique and bold patterns all around. Lord Krishna was a charmer and the most desired husband whose single glance could woo the gopis. The sculptor has amazingly coined that charm in this brass sculpture with the high browed eyes, nose pointed at the end and the slight smile of the lips busy playing those euphonious sounds from his flute. Vaishnava tilak etched on the forehead marks him to be one of the popularly worshipped incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Krishna is garbed in a shiny full sleeve brown vest and a designer dhoti accessorized gracefully in contrasting colored traditionally carved kamarband and a stole etched in circular motifs long enough to have its tips touch the base. To highlight every pattern and carving, sculptor has chosen for a beautiful light and dark color contrast. The richly carved crown glorified on his head is embellished with a peacock halo that has its long and curvy neck popping out from the left and the stylized layers of feathers rounded from the right. This stylish halo is symbolic of the ecstatic bond of Lord Krishna and peacock in Hinduism.

The holy cow Surabhi that stands behind Lord Krishna was created by the Lord himself, carved in finite body and face curves that create an appealing look. Place this Krishna brass sculpture on your empty space of the house or at your place of worship and experience the marvellous transformation of that place.


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Brass Statue
25.50 inch Height x 13.50 inch Width x 11.70 inch Depth
22.8 kg
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