Vidya Lakshmi- the Provider of Knowledge and Wealth, Large Wooden Statue

Vidya Lakshmi- the Provider of Knowledge and Wealth, Large Wooden Statue

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Maa Lakshmi- the provider of wealth and opulence. As her name signifies (Lakshmi, one who assists in reaching a Lakshya or goal), the goddess is worshipped for a specific material or spiritual aim. For each objective that she empowers, Devi takes a different form. Collectively, these forms are known as Ashtalakshmi or the eight Lakshmis. In this wood statue, the goddess of wealth is depicted as Vidya Lakshmi, her form associated with knowledge and wealth that is earned by applying said knowledge in the world.

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48.00 inch Height X 20.50 inch Width X 10.00 inch Depth
22.55 kg

Vidya Lakshmi embodies two basic but important ideas. One, that without knowledge, wealth has no long-term value, and two, knowledge that is unable to generate wealth is useless in this world. In this manner, Vidya Lakshmi is the perfect balance of India’s spiritual and material endeavours, signifying an evolved mentality that neither overemphasizes the importance of money nor puts the entire focus on esoteric theoretical knowledge with no real utility.

Standing atop a beautifully carved wooden platform, Vidya Lakshmi holds naturalistically made lotus buds in her hands. She is wearing a Vaishnava Kiritamukuta, profusely jeweled, complemented by the fine jewelry that clads her from head to toe. Goddess’ dhoti firmly fits her slender legs, held together by the bejewelled girdle, fitted with small chains with bells and a thick chain decorated with petal-shaped designs hooked to the attire from the mid-section of the dhoti and near Devi’s right leg. Floral vines sprout around and from her figure, a motif used in many Lakshmi idols and images to signify her association with creation and fertility. The polishing of the wood and further additions like three incised lines on the neck to signal flesh folds and the soft expressions on Lakshmi’s face have brought this woodwork to life.  With her right hand raised in the gesture of fearlessness and her left hand holding a Veda (sacred Hindu text), Vidya Lakshmi tells the onlooker to get rid of all their fears and anxieties, she is here to bestow the twin boons of spiritual and material wealth. 

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