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48 inch Height X 41.00 inch Width X 14.00 inch Depth
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62.00 inch Height X 47.00 inch Width X 17.50 inch Depth
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49.00 inch Height X 30.90 inch Width X 14.50 inch Depth
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20.00 inch Height X 14.90 inch Width X 5.60 inch Depth
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43.00 inch Height X 30.50 inch Width X 13.00 inch Depth
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23.00 inch Height X 20.50 inch Width X 8.00 inch Depth
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10.00 inch Height X 8.00 inch Width X 2.90 inch Depth
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Nataraja; The Cosmic Dancer

The Nataraja or dancing Shiva is the greatest creation of the Chola epoch and it is universally accepted today as one of the masterpieces of world art.

Shiva’s dance is the dance of creation. An intense dynamism pulsates through the whole figure. Nevertheless, it is almost still in its classic balance, stable like the universe with its gyrating galaxies and the miniature solar systems of the smallest atoms with their planetary electrons.

Every detail of the splendid plastic creation is charged with symbolic meaning. An arch frames the figure, the sanctum of a shrine that houses the icon. One foot crushes Apasmara, the demon of ignorance and fantasies. It is this demon that stands between us and the realisation that the cosmos is the dance of deity, not the mindless gyration of matter. The protective gesture of one hand, and the uplifted foot to which the other hand points, indicate that those who seek their sanctuary at the feet of the deity will be free from fear.

This celestial Bronze sculpture of Lord Shiva in his Nataraja form is a must-have for all. Exotic India has a wide collection of Nataraja idols, sculpted by the finest craftsmen all over India.