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Fashion is one of the fastest-changing industries and that comes from the big consumers market demand. Through the years, fashion has changed a lot. It was influenced and dominated by different political, economic, and sociological events that would shape the consumers' opinions and expectations. This can greatly be seen through the traditional details and cultural motifs of different nations.

Indian fashion, as part of the most colorful and interesting nations in the world, has experienced different fashion changes, that have changed and added to the consumer's demand. However, modern times and the modern approach to fashion have influenced changes, especially in the Indian style, making it available and suitable for all those who want to keep the cultural and traditional dose with the incorporation of some modern elements.

Green Zari-Embroidered Sharara Pants and Patriot-Blue Kameez Embellished with Crystals and Net Dupatta

Many would find it unbelievable that Indian fashion is susceptible to modern changes. But it is. It is influenced by world-changing trends, and these trends can greatly be seen with the choice of fabrics and colors that would enter the traditional clothing garments. Today, Indian women are enjoying traditional fashion with the infusion of female appeal, flawless tints, and the ability to wear them in their full light. Especially popular is the ethnic pattern that has always been present through the Indian fashion style.

2021 is delivering ethnic style patterns but in a bit different direction. These patterns can be seen in garments such as sarees, salwar suits, Lehengas, etc. With just the appropriate tone of western and ethnic contacts and current chic trends, the versatility of choices is excellent to cater to any woman willing of fashion upgrade.

These are some of the biggest Indian Ethic fashion trends of 2021:

A new take on the traditional saree

The saree is one of the most popular and noticeable fashion garments in women's Indian fashion. It is a piece that speaks of the tradition in the best possible way. The popularity and the extraordinary design of the sarees in Indian fashion date back even to the earliest days. No matter if it comes to a wedding celebration or some other official event, the saree has maintained its dominance and influence and women gladly wear it. The new 2021 fashion trends put an emphasis on fabrics such as silk and cotton.

The silk saree is maybe the most extravagant and stylishly looking saree. It is absolutely a must-have piece. When incorporated into a garment such as silk, the saree perfectly delivers the themes and the patterns that have been handmade into it. The liveliness of the colors and hues offers a lot of styling choices. Great for formal and more casual events, the silk saree is a must-have piece for 2021. On the other side, the cotton saree is a completely new entry into the Indian ethnic fashion scene. It still carries impressive patterns and details that create a tasteful appearance.

Elegant Pure Chiffon Green-Glow Banarasi Saree (Unstitched Blouse)

For those looking to spice up their look with some new sarees, Exotic India has a huge selection of different sarees.

Tank top Lehengas

Next in the line of novelties in the Indian ethnic fashion trends are the tank top Lehengas. As the drop-tops have been dominating the world fashion scene, they have found their way into the Indian fashion, by entering the style of Lehengas, but as tank tops. This modern and stylish approach delivers remarkable outfits, still keeping in the lines of tasteful and classy. The best style outfits come from adding coordinating embellishments as details.

Sunstruck-Yellow Long Zari Embroidered and Printed Kameez with Embroidered Lehenga and Embroidered Dupatta

Find your traditional Lehenga pick here.

Stylish kurtis

For the ladies, the Kurti is an essential example that delivers Indian ethnic style. The history of Kurti is long and colorful, and the fashion today makes them even more popular, not only for the Indian girls but for all those who want to have a bit of Indian fashion into their style and outfit. The new trends put the Kurti in a fresh new version and that is in a maxi cut. And not just that, it comes with a slit, making the piece modern and fashionable. Another pretty popular and big trend including the kurta is the shirtdress-like kurta. The shirt dresses have seen an exceptional comeback on the fashion scene, and this year, they have been transferred onto the traditional Kurti. The line and the model resemble the look of a shirt with a midi length.

Zardozi Kurti Neck and Sleeves Patch with Hand-Embroidered Beads

Kurti is definitely a must-have fashion garment and now is the time to do some wardrobe upgrades from the Exotic India Kurti palette.

Elegant salwar suits

Comfortability and the so-called “agreeable look” come together in the fresh trendy versions of the salwar suits. This year, they are coming in ethnic design patterns that everyone will just love. In terms of customary clothing, the salwar suit is the most famous and valid ethnic wear. The new trends deliver rich changes, especially with the infusion of western touch. One chic option to try out is the palazzo salwar with a Kurti. This is a look that combines two pieces, creating a suit look. It is an option that delivers an impeccable balance between elegance and stylishness, with the basicness of the Kurti.

Ocean Floor-Green Choodidaar Salwar-Kameez Suit with Floral Zari-Embroidery and Green Chiffon Dupatta

Salwar suit is an excellent choice for any type of event, so be sure to find your pick among the Exotic India salwar offer.

The extraordinary fusion of the western style and Indian wear is taking over the Indian ethnic fashion. With a special nod to modernity and that fashion ability, the Indian ethnic fashion is experiencing a change towards satisfying all those different tastes that remain wishful for both the traditional and the modern.

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