Hanuman- The Monkey God
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Hanuman- The Monkey God

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Item Code: NAZ542
Author: W. F. Homer
Publisher: Rupa Publication India Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789390356119
Pages: 80 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
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The simian companion of Lord Rama, coming from the Vanar (monkey) tribe, who were forest- dwellers and who could speak, fly and change their shape, the legend of Hanuman has been.

told and interpreted by several scholars and scriptures.

Hanuman is associated with both the epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, and several Puranas, and his story reflects the versatility of his personality a gifted child, a robust warrior, an admiring and devoted follower of Rama, a non-pretentious conveyor of power and someone who is intentionally unaware of his own prodigious qualities.

Hanuman is the embodiment of power and strength laced with humility and chivalry. He is shown as a monkey-a simian-a face that does not resemble any human being’s. The idea of Hanuman is that of someone who is not bothered by how he looks, one whose appearance is as natural to him as trees are to forests or fishes are to rivers. He has taken to celibacy and is intentionally oblivious to the attraction of the opposite sex. The exterior of a simian denotes the transience.

and insignificance of the physical body, his inner soul harbours the devotion towards Rama and hence, Hanuman has to be understood in totality. The limits of physicality dissolve into the eternity of spirituality in Hanuman and his study evolves a deeper understanding of one’s self and ego, and the material and the spiritual world within us.

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