Yoga Practices

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Author: Lalit Kilam and Manju Kilam
Publisher: Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788171103454
Pages: 72 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About The Book

Yoga Practices is piece of work which elaborates on well selected illustrations for maintaining physical, mental and spiritual well being. It contains information and instruction regarding the most aspects of Yoga practices which are applicable to a working and a non working individual. These yoga practices and the instructions mentioned therein, makes one capable of doing yoga without much discomforts.


About The Authors

Lalit Kilam was educated in an Ayurvedic school in the mountainous region of the Himalayas. He completed his engineering degree from the University which is located on the bank of river Odra in Europe. At present he is interconnecting masses by providing High Speed internet and WBBI to the customers of Saskatchewan. According to Lalit, Yoga and meditation are the essence of existence called Spirituality, which exists in each one of us. The more it develop the better person you are.

Manju Kilam has a Ph.D. degree from one of the prestigious Universities in a province where the river Ganges flows. She has taught in India and at various colleges in Canada. At present she teaches in the school of Business Administration. Manju is a sincere believer in the teachings of Yoga and Spiritual growth as an approach towards betterment of human life.



If you have reached the conclusion that Yoga is perfect for you at this point in your life, you probably know that there is the existence of God. The important thing is for people to first get started; it really is not important what style you do but that you simply practice the yoga.

“In life there will be always many paths to follow; I hope you always choose the right one..: if you give a part of yourself to life, the part you receive back will be so much greater. Never regret the past, but learn by it. Never loose sight of your dreams; a person who can dream will always have hope. Believe in yourself; if you do, everyone else will, you have the ability to accomplish anything, but never do it at someone else’s expense. If you can go through life loving others, you will have achieved the greatest success of all.

The word Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to 1-Harmonize or Unite.” The science of Yoga is vast and has teen divided into different branches which are based on the experiences and observations. In the ancient times the Rsis and Seers of truth with their keen observations discovered finer forces of nature and also uncovered the finer forces that govern our physical, mental and spiritual being.

Methods by which these Scientific Truths were applied in daily life of an individual to further his spiritual development were called by the Yoga; methods of realizing the truth and attaining the highest wisdom. Yogi is one who through various practices reaches the highest ideal of spiritua1 life. Spirituality does not depend on book know1edge, nor on the intellectual understanding but on the spiritual practices of yoga.

Yoga unites the body, mind and the soul. It is a system of healthy, happy and peaceful living. Yoga practices also increase the life span of a human being. It makes us more familiar with our entire body. Yoga practice has its roots in the ancient healing methods where simplicity was the answer to most dreadful and serious ailments. It is the road to express the beauty, nobility and true divinity of human spirit.

Perfections in the Asanas does not come in a day;1t requires years of strenuous efforts, therefore one should not give up one’s yoga practices even if initially one does not experience much success. The yoga practices should be continued with renewed and with much vigor. Just a little practice of yoga will bestows upon the student a great deal of inner strength. While practicing the yoga Asanas, the mind should not think of the daily routine or of the engagements or any other external object. One must withdraw the mind from all such thoughts. As suggested by adepts while doing the äsanas, one should concentrate the mind on the relevant parts of the body according to the nature of the Asanas practiced.

The difference between Yoga and other forms of exercises is that exercises is more superficial for example building muscles etc. of the body where as yoga provides a comprehensive system of exercise that strengthens, stretches and helps to align and improve the health of the entire body. In Yogic practices there is harmonious development of all the muscles of the body, internal organs, nerves and the frame. In yoga practices there are no rapid movements, hence there is no waste of energy. In yoga exercises movements are gentle and rhythmic. Some yoga äsanas involve forward and backward motions others help the movements of the spine while as others help clean lungs, throat etc. Thereby the body as a whole is develop and becomes flexible. Regularity is the most important - factor to derive the full benefits of Yogasanas.




Introduction To Yoga 9
Namaste 11
Yoga and the nature Gods 13
Surya - the God of Light 14
Agni - the God of Fire 15
Vayu - the God of Wind 15
Prthvi - the God of Earth 15
Jala - the God of Water 16
Akasa - The God of Sky 17
Yoga Practices 18
Yoga-sutras of Maharsi Patanjali 20
Different schools of Yoga 21
The main Yogas may be discerned as follows: 21
The steps of the Astangayoga 22
Social Discipline - Yamas 22
Individual Discipline - Niyamas 22
Asanas (postures) 22
Pranayama (breath control) 22
Breathing is important for two basic reasons 23
Pranayama (sense withdrawal) 23
Dharana (concentration) 23
Samadhi (Super Consciousness) 23
Dhyana (Meditation) 24
Cakras 25
The Seven main Cakras 26
Prana of energy centers 26
Rules useful for Yoga practices 27
Asanas in Daily Life 28
Yoga Asanas 28
Surya Namaskara 29
Prayer to the Sun God, Om! 30
Step 1 Process: 30
Om Ravye namah: 31
Step 2 Process 31
Om Suryaya namah: 32
Step 3 Process 32
Step 4 process 33
Step 5 Process 33
Step 6 Process 34
Step 7 Process 34
Step 8 Process 35
Step 9 Process 35
Step 10 Process 36
Step 11 Process 36
Step 12 Process 37
Padmasana 39
Process 39
Benefits 40
Siddhasana 40
Process 41
Benefits 41
Pascimottanasana 42
Process 42
Benefits 43
Bhujangasana 43
Process 43
Benefits 44
Sarvangasana 44
Process 45
Benefits 45
Halasana 46
Process 46
Benefits 47
Garudasana 47
Process 48
Benefits 48
Ardha Matsyendrasana 48
process 49
Benefits 50
Savasana 50
Process 50
Benefits 51
Parvana Muktasana 51
Process 51
Benefits 52
Ustrasana 52
Process 52
Benefits 53
Gomukhasana 53
Process 53
Benefits 54
Utkatasana 54
Process 54
Benefits 55
Mandukasana 55
Process 55
Benefits 56
Markatasana 56
Process 56
Benefits 56
Tadasana 57
Process 57
Benefits 58
Trikonasana 58
Process 58
Variation 1 60
Process 60
Benefits 61
Yoga and Ayurveda 62
Ayurvedic Diet for Well Being 63
Yogix Deit: 64
Common ailments and their treatments 65
Names of the Asanas (postures): 67
Vedic Yoga center 69
Glossary 71


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