Roga-Marga An Unique Approach to Ayurvedic Practice

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Preface Ayurveda is a Vedic science. The aim of Vedanta is to educate people that, one supreme force itself manifests in diverse forms. That divine self is in all beings. This spark of light helps to transfer ordinary selfish activity into glowing unity to build up a sound society. Ayurveda a vedic science is based on "Sankhya Shastra". An ancient scientist Kapila muni has described that the elementary matter as Prakrati with three forces – Satva, Raja and Tama, with the sp...


Ayurveda is a Vedic science. The aim of Vedanta is to educate people that, one supreme force itself manifests in diverse forms. That divine self is in all beings. This spark of light helps to transfer ordinary selfish activity into glowing unity to build up a sound society.

Ayurveda a vedic science is based on "Sankhya Shastra". An ancient scientist Kapila muni has described that the elementary matter as Prakrati with three forces – Satva, Raja and Tama, with the spark of "Purusha" is the dynamic base of the cosmic matrix. That opens twenty four channels as the base. These are the elementary. Pulsating units forming a "Person". These units work as panchamahabhuta in physical level and chetana is the base of psycho intellectual levels. Satva, Raja and Tama exist as psycho intellectual forces, through which panchamahabhuta are born. Thus they are extended architectural base of a person, which are connected and organized as one unit by Vayu, the living force.

The living force, the supreme power is the light in the Sun and the thermal source fertilizes the Earth and as a Moon light which supplies food value to the kingdom with inertia binds the energy. It is the warmth of the body that presides over the assimilation of food within the body and supervises the process of life transactions with the World outside. That is the same light that works as an intellect, Eternal principle thus expresses itself as the phenomenal powers. It is the warmth of living beings, metabolism creates the body heat generates energy through food, so long as life is pulsating.

These elementary factors are termed as dosha. The living Prana or Chetanadhatu is Vayu. Solar force as Pitta and Lunar force as Kapila. They are termed as dosha. Because they may turn into toxic states and may injure the tissues and organs. To emphasise this state they are termed as dosha. They exist in subtle and gross forms. They form the architecture as dhatu and work through them. Their healthy relationship with the tissues and organs in a specific way is termed as doshagati as "kostha, shakha and marmasthi sandhi gati". The specific relation in pathological progress is termed as "Roga-Marga".

The science of life which directs the derangements causing diseases not only at tissue levels or molecular levels. But also in energy levels. This can be visualized at energy levels through clinical approach.

The external and internal energy channels are linked through the Vayu. In the external world the herbs and minerals are also the products of Solar energy. Vayu is atomic base of the internal and external world. Which presents as "Guna" or twenty active principles. They exist as dosha in internal system. Their balance is health, disturbance is disease. The affinity of noxious dosha towards tissues and organs manifesting disease, a pathological progress is "Roga-Marga". This progress can be visualized at submolecular or energy levels and can be corrected through the six therapies based on "Twenty Guna"

Thus one can maintain health or treat diseases with the help of applied medicine.

About the Book

The subject Roga-Marga indicates the relationship between different tissues and organs in an unique way morbid state of dosa (toxin) motivates in a specific way with specific affinity towards the selected tissues and organs. This concept is traced in ancient Ayurvedic books, this is an objective approach of ancient scientists helping for the clinical practice. The subject is vast but it is traced in short. Present day students cannot study and learn the vast subject in a time bound period. So I have made an attempt to highlight its importance in clinical practice. Some of the important sanskrita shloka are presented in picture forms. This book highlights the summaries of research works based on the concept.

This book will help the students, Ayurvedic practitioners and clinical Ayurvedic researches.

About the Author

I am Dr. Sou. Achala Bhimsen Kulkarni, A.V.P. Ph. D. Ayurvedic Medicine from Pune University, Maharashtra, India. I was working in an Ayurvedic college teaching Kaya-Chikitsa and Chakra Samhita. I was a guide for M.D. – Kayachikitsa and Samhita. Once I attended a conference on heart diseases. A question was asked in that conference "Roga-Marga" is a concept traced in text books of ancient Samhitas. Here the remote organs vital organs – Heart brain kidneys and joints etc. Present clinical practice also manifests with the multiple organ involvement of these organs. So I was impressed with that subject and worked on the subject for my Ph. D. 98 patients were studied in a specific format. This work helped me a lot for my clinical practice. So my students were demanding to share my experience hence I tried this work. I hope this will help the students. This is a vast subject, multiplication will certainly help the students.




Sec. No.   Title Page
I 1 Introduction 1
  2 Doshagati and Roga-Marga 9
    A) Doshagati in natural Course  
    B) Vayu and doshagati  
    C) Pitta and doshagati  
    D) Kapha and doshagati  
  3 Doshagati as motion and state with 15
    respect to tissues and organs  
    A) Natural and normal kostha shakhagati is health  
    B) Ahara parinamana a scientific beauty  
    C) Agni and kosthagati of dosha  
  4 Natural kostha shakhagati is basic energy path 25
    A) Six Rasa and Avasthapaka  
    B) The Base of Normal Rasadhatu is Avasthapaka  
II 5 Prakrita sleshma is Oja 29
    A) Shakhagati of dosha and Rasadhatu  
    B) Dosha – Shakhagati and Oja  
  6 Roga-Marga and doshagati in morbid state 36
    A) Unique speciality of each Roga Marga  
    B) Role of Rasadhatu in pathological progress  
    C) Roga-Marga according to classics  
III 7 Unique Speciality of Roga-Marga 43
    A) Ama and Roga Marga  
    B) Effects of Samarasadhatu  
    C) Roga Marga in Jwara  
    D) A speciality of Bahya Roga Marga-Kustha and Raktapitta  
  8 Speciality of Madhyama Roga Marga 69
    A) Morbid doshagati in sthaulya  
    B) Vikrata sleshma and obesity  
    C) Obesity and Vayu  
  9 Roga Marga in Prameha 79
    A) Roga Marga is a clinical concept  
    B) Micro-organisms and Roga Marga  
    C) Arteriosclerosis and Roga Marga  
  10 Vata prakopa and Margavarana 92
  10-B Application of the concept in Management of diseases  
    A) Bheshaja Marga and Fundamental aspects of therapies  
    B) Bheshaja Marga and Bheshaja kala  
  11 Importance of Roga Marga concept in diagnosis 95
    A) Adhisthana and Adhisthanantara  
    B) Samuthana Vishesha  
    C) Importance of Roga Marga in prognosis  
IV 12 Clinical application 121
    A) Selection of patients  
    B) Identification of doshagati  
    C) Samuthana vishesha and kaphadosha  
    D) Selection of medicines  
    E) Benefits of proper evacuation of bowels  
  13 Clinical gradation of signs and 138
    symptoms of kosthagati acc. To Marga  
    A) Protocol according to kaphadoshagati and Roga Marga  
    B) Criteria for the study of results  
    C) Important observations tables  
  14 Observations scope and utility of the concept and summary 153
  15 Management of pre-eclampsia on Ayurvedic lines 155
    A) Observations – scope and utility  
    B) The concept and summary  
  16 Doshagati, Roga Marga and Bheshaja

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