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Healing Mantras for High Blood Pressure (Music Therapy Series) (Audio CD)

Healing Mantras for High Blood Pressure (Music Therapy Series) (Audio CD)
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The album combines the power of healing mantras from ancient Indian scriptures, and music therapy to transfer sound vibrations that prevent blood pressure problems. Deep research and fine tuning of rhythm, notes and tempo add a healing touch to the music.

1Inner Voice Signature Shlok Pandit Jasraj
2 Vedic Richa - Raag Charukeshi Sanjeev Abhyankar
3 Gayatri for High Blood Pressure - Raag Komal Rishabh Asavari - Padmaja Joglekar
4 Om Vam Vajrahastaayai Namah - Raag Darbaari Sanjeev Abhyankar
5 Surya Stavarja - Raag Tilak Kamod Padmaja Joglekar
6 Surya Kavach - Raag Tilak Kamod Padmaja Joglekar
7 Blessings from the Vedas - Raag Malhaar Padmaja Joglekar
8 Tulsidas Doha - Raag Yaman Kalyan Padmaja Joglekar

Music Composer: Raghunandan Panshikar
Conceived and Created by : Inner Voice

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