Double Turquoise with Coral Trio Sterling Silver Ring

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Alluring and unusual, this exquisite ring features two turquoise and three divine coral gemstones. This ring is a piece of artistry with ravishing grace and grandeur charm. Adorning this ring with any of your casual or fancy outfits will give gorgeous look. 

Turquoise stone with a stunning sea-green hue symbolizes peace, good luck, hope, enlightenment, and strength. In ancient, the people believed that this gemstone has the ability to protect its wearer with great spiritual meaning. Turquoise permitted openness of knowledge, ideas, and thoughts.

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Item Code: LCM80
Sterling Silver
Dimensions 34 MM HEIGHT
Weight: 13.80 gm
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide

According to the psychologist, this gemstone heals and guides emotional steadiness and balance. The turquoise hues aid the wearer to clear the routes of interaction between the expressed word and the heart. This gemstone manifests a sparkling and friendly color appreciating life. 


Coral is a highly valued gemstone with many hidden divine or mystical properties. It is a representation of purity, serenity, wisdom, immortality, comfort, and happiness. This gemstone is also remembered as treatment spasms of insomnia, bladder stones, and intestines.


The red coral helps in the prevention of depression, stress, and sadness. This ravishing gemstone gives willpower, motivation, and strength. The coral-stone is linked with the wearer root chakra, this gemstone incites the energy allowing the owner to approach the goals of life.


Red coral is recognized as a luck charm and it is linked with the planet Mars. Mars plant represents health, prosperity, guides marital life, prevents nightmares, and obliterate depression, wars, and violence. Both stones work as mystical stones with a variety of properties. 

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