11" Blessing Hanuman (Lord Rama Depicted in His Heart) in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

11" Blessing Hanuman (Lord Rama Depicted in His Heart) in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Lord Hanuman, is a name that is synonymous with devotion and innocence in the Hindu culture. Being the son of Kesari and Anjana, he was a very mischievous child blessed with many celestial powers. His life took a completely different turn when he met the lord of lords, Prabhu Shri Ram. There are countless stories in Ramayana that depict the surrender and selfless devotion of Lord Hanuman towards Shri Ram. In his devotion, he has become a no-self, so much that even his heartbeat chants the name of Shri Ram.

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Brass Statue
11 inch X 7.2 X 6 inch
4.80 kg

As per a story in Ramayana, once Hanuman was asked to prove that Shri Ram really resided in his heart. He simply tore his chest and there one could see the divine presence of Shri Ram in his heart. This statue has been crafted following the same lines, illustrating Lord Hanuman as the highest of all devotees. Lost in the quiet and continuous remembrance of his lord, Hanuman is sitting with his legs crossed and right hand raised in the blessing posture. His left hand is holding a Mala ( a garland of beads) used to assist the chanting. Wearing a small dhoti and minimal jewellery, his aura shows every sign of purity and chastity.

However, the most remarkable aspect of the statue remains the presence of Prabhu Ram in the very heart of lord Hanuman, illustrated by the imagery on his chest. As if, lord Ram himself is present through Hanuman. That's the highest state of devotion, where there remains no separation between the lord and the devotee, all the dualities cease, and just oneness prevails. This beautiful work of art conveys the very essence of lord Hanuman, something for which he is revered by all.

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