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Made to Order Salwar Kameez Suits

An Ode to the Salwar Kameez

Many a varied look,
Easy on checkbook.

If pant is like a second limb,
It makes you look very slim.

The salwar clinging to skin,
Or looser to comfort akin.

A tighter version gathers at your ankles,
With wider flares many a heart rankles.

The kameez too expresses style,
Ends below knee going extra mile.

Top may stop its journey below the navel,
Pantless no shorter skirt could be available.

When cut at shoulder,
Will tantalize beholder.

Or if sleeve is cut above the elbow,
You'll need to keep the skin aglow.

Colors too are many and many,
Please all from honey to nanny.

The red speaks of a sensuous dream,
Sophisticated ivory heightens esteem.

Orange bright like a sunny day,
Four black sets night do display.

Space is limited, many are the suits,
Visit the gallery, for maximum fruits.
On this there are not at all any disputes,
This textile joins you with Indian roots.