Marital Astrology

Marital Astrology

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Author: Dr.S.Krishna Kumar
Publisher: Impala Impressions
Language: English
Edition: 2017
Pages: 149
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 180 gm
About the Author

Dr. S. Krishna Kumar is a graduate in Mechaical Engineering and an Industrialist at Bangalore. He was the president of Peenya Industries Association which is the biggest Industrial Estate in south East Asia. Apart from this he has served as General Secretary of Karnataka State Small Sale Industries Association, Bangalore which is an apex body of small Scale Industries Association in Karnataka State.

He has evinced interest in the study of Astrology since 25 years. He has served the Indian Council of Astrology since 25 years. He has served the Indian Council of Astological Sciences founded by late Dr. B.V. Raman as its National Vice President and ex chairman of its chapter in Bangalore for more than a decade.

He has passed the examinations of the above Council such as Jyothish Praveena and Jyothish Kovida, Jyothish Vachaspathy, Jyotish Bhooshna, Jyothish Bhanu and jyothish Briddacharya. That apart he has been conferred many awards in many National and International conferences such as jyothish Shasthra Tapo Nidhi, Vidhyasagar , Jyothish Gnana Brahma and Life time Achievement in Astrology.

He has also presented a thesis in Medical Astrology to Medicina Alternativia of the open International University of Sri Lanka and was conferred a Doctrate.

He has Written three more books in Astrology such as Vedic Astrology (with roots), Secrets of Bhavath Bhava and Medical Astrology.

He has visited Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Nepal and has delivered lectures on various topics of Astrology in various forums and seminars apart from giving interviews in the media. He was also giving Astrological guidance through Zee TV. He is disseminating the Knowledge of Astrology in many countries.

Presently, he is the founder president of Bharatiya Jyothisha Samasthan, Bangalore, teaching Astrology in Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan in its branches at Bangalore and Mysore with a team of lectures. He is also a professor and adjunct faculty member of the Hindu University of Florida, America.


Dr. S. Krishna Kumar is a scholar, teaching Astrology for nearly three decades. In this book he has given many tips for not only match making in marriage but also for the future life pattern of the couple as to how far each horoscope support the other taking into consideration each and every bhava and their lords as to how they are disposed mutually causing bondaged in marriage and support in their life. The topics of Muhurtha, remedial measures, Navamsha interpretation, to understand the unknown partner of the girl before marriage and details about him has been remarkably covered.

Also other subjects of conducting marriage in proper Muhurtha and its implication are systematically dealt with. He has also given clues to delineate the Chart of Male and female in a unique fashion with logical perception to find out the secret of Runanubandha of the prospective couples.

, I hope this rare book on MARITAL ASTROLOGY will guide the students and practitioners of Astrology.


Dr. S. Krishna Kumar, is known to me for the last three decades. He is one of the founder members of ICAS and was National Vice President of ICAS. He is one of the most learned persons having mastery over Sanskrit, Kannada and Astrology. He has studied Astrological Books written in many languages. He is a researcher who always goes in depth of the subject and brings out jewels for the readers.

There are many books on this topic in the Astrological Market, but either the authors could not explain their views properly or tried to fit in, as they have used known cases.

They have praised their work themselves, and if others apply those principles, the results are not the same. I have applied the parameters and got very good results and I felt this book is to be referred mandatorily for matching of horoscopes for assurance of happy married life. The depiction of importance of match making by a new technique through Runanubandha considering all aspects including sthree jathakam and the after effects of marriage muhurthas has been explained in a clear manner.

In this book, Dr. S. Krishna Kumar, has put in the results of his long experience and I feel every reader will find answer to the problem.

Hope that readers themselves, will find the difference after reading this book. The book will speak about the vast experience and expertise of the author.


Chapter 1:Marital astrology7
Chapter 2:Kuja dosha18
Chapter 3:Dina Koota23
Chapter 4:Sun in seventh house or seventh house being leo or simha33
Chapter 5:Methodology for analysing match making for marriage52
Chapter 6:Results of marriage conducted in different stars67
Chapter 7:Importance of vandhya yogas (yogas for barren woman)113
Chapter 8:Importance of vandhya yogas in selecting the girl for marriage116
Chapter 9:Special importance of seventh house of female chart120
Chapter 10:Analysis of male charts for marriage123
Chapter 11:Some importance planetary positions in female horoscopy for marriage analysis127
Chapter 12:Time tested remedial measures for overcoming delayed marriage and to improve the quality of married life130
Chapter 13:Miscellaneous138
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