Mishra's Indian Ephemeris 2012

Mishra's Indian Ephemeris 2012

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Author: Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra
Publisher: Ranav Publications
Edition: 2012
Pages: 128
Cover: Paperback
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About The Ephemeris

• True geocentric Nirayana longitudes of planets for Oh U.T. i.e. Oh GMT (Greenwich Mean Time at midnight) or 5:30 hrs. 1ST have been given here.

• The true Chitra Paksha Ayanamsha has been adopted for all planetary calculation, etc.

• The Nirayana longitudes of planets as tabulated here are also achieved by subtraction of Ayanamsha from the tropical or Sayana position given in other ephemeris.

• Similarly, the Sayana longitudes of planets are easily obtainable by adding Ayanamsha value to the Nirayana positions as given here.

• The longitudes are apparent geocentric (applicable to all astrological purposes) as seen from the centre of the Earth.

• The planetary positions given may be interpolated for any epoch by using daily motions of the planets. A simple method of calculation with the help of logarithms is given here on the concluding pages of this ephemeris.

• Sidereal Time (S.T.) given here is for 12h noon LMT of 82E30’ longitude, which is applicable for entire India without much modification. Readers must take note that LMT is to be used for fixing the S.T. of any moment. For planetary longitudes, etc. the Standard Time is a must to use.

• The 7Tthi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana relate to the sunrise time of Delhi. The ending times of the same in 1ST are applicable for the whole of India without any correction. AVriddh (enhanced) as well as Kshaya (omitted) Tithi are shown accordingly.

• The beginning of Lagna in LMT relates to the central location of India (LMT of 82E30’). For other geographical latitudes, one can obtain the LMT by a simple interpolation as shown here in a table at the relevant place. For major Indian cities, the correction in minutes is given in a separate table for the same in 1ST.

• For greater accuracy in Lagna, readers are advised to use Sidereal Time given in the ephemeris having corrected the same for epoch as well as for the place in question.

The sunrise and sunset for all major cities in India as given here are in IST That relates to the visibility of the solar disc’s upper limb on the horizon where corrections, viz, refraction (Kirana-Vakrata) and Sun’s semi-diameter have already been merged. These timings can also be used for all places falling on the almost same latitude. The centre of the Sun normally remains 47 seconds of arc below the horizon at such times of rising and setting. For astrological sunrise and sunset, Le. The coincidence of the centre of the Sun with the horizon, is arrived at after a minor correction (+3.5m for rise and — 3.5m for set)..

We know that the greatest difference between the true and the mean Rahu is 1.75 degree. Motion of true Rahu is not uniform, sometimes it moves in a direct motion. However, the mean Rahu is always retrograde and has a uniform motion (Gati). Actually, in case of planets, we are concerned only with the true position. The two Lunar Nodes, i.e. Rahu and Ketu or the north and south nodes of the Moon always remain at 180 deg. apart hence; Ketu is easily obtainable by adding 6 rashis to Rahu.

About The Ephemeris4
Beginning of Eras5
Solar & National Calendar of India6
Beginning dates of Lunar Months7
Phases of The Moon8
Beginning dates of Vedic Months & Seasons9
Ayana & Gola9
Beginning of Islamic Calendar10
Miscellaneous Astronomical Data11
Daily Ephemeris (Jan. to Dec.)12-35
Panchanga 201236
Panchanga Described37-39
Daily Panchanga (Jan. to March)40-45
Key Points of Samvatsar46-48
Vikram Samvat 2069 (March to Dec.)49-67
Transit of Planets, 201268-69
Retrogression of Planets, 201270
Heliacal setting of planets
Ganda Moola Nakshatra, 2012
Panchaka, 201271
Parallel Aspect (Krantisaamya), 2012
Eclipses, 201272
Aspects, 201273-84
Phenomena, 201284-86
Sayana Samkranti, 201286
LMT of Beginning of Lagnas (Jan. to Dec.)87-94
Mean Position of Principal Stars, 201294
Varshapravesha (Solar Return)95
Balance of Vimshottari Dasha & Antardasha96-100
Sunrise Sunset for major cities 2012101-108
Advance Ephemeris, 2013109-110
Latitude, Longitude, LMT & Sidereal time correction of
principal cities in India111-116
Latitude, Longitude, LMT correction
Neighboring countries117
Table of Proportional Logaritham118-120
Article: Adhi and Kshaya Maasa121-125
Festivals, Parva, Anniversaries and Holidays126-128
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