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Divine Wisdom - A Book on Eternal Truth of Life and Living

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Back of the Book Each one of us interprets the objects that he sees in terms of his exiting knowledge. The man of Goa-visine sees him and his play everywhere. To be slave of mind is ignorance. Nothing, therefore, can bring you bliss but the conquest of mind. Divine Wisdom infuses a clear-cut well defined open path free from all mystifications and ambiguities. The essays are powerfully changed with dormant spiritual knowledge. Open out to our true nature by exploring the ...

Back of the Book

Each one of us interprets the objects that he sees in terms of his exiting knowledge. The man of Goa-visine sees him and his play everywhere.

To be slave of mind is ignorance. Nothing, therefore, can bring you bliss but the conquest of mind.

Divine Wisdom infuses a clear-cut well defined open path free from all mystifications and ambiguities. The essays are powerfully changed with dormant spiritual knowledge.

Open out to our true nature by exploring the hidden knowledge in you through study and contemplation. Every activity in life can be transformed into yoga of Divine.

Everyone can experience his own self in everything and roams around the world experiencing the Divine presence everywhere at all times.

About the Book

This Book is a compilation of great sage swami tapovanam’s valuable, excellent and wonderful teachings revealed in the naked nature of Himalayas.

The ardent wish of the holy master is too reveal ‘The Eternal Knowledge of Truth’ to presents day commoners to see light in the midst of darkness and guide it along with path of goodness. The compilation is a presentation to modern .The compendium of ‘’Spiritual Science ‘- An essence of our country’s culture and ideals.

The ‘Divine Wisdom’, being a books which re – interprets the very essence of the Vedic law in the entire scheme of discussions by the great master as expressed in the Divine Song of Geetha , ‘The Truth of the Maha vakya ’

‘that Thou art ’-’ Aham Brahma Asmi’. We will be gaining a true Goal of the ‘spiritual science’. The books reveal how a limited and mortal mind and intellect of a finite creature could embrace and comprehend the entrie limitless infinite! - It is the understanding of our own mind. This rare gift of the great master enables a true seeker to merge successfully his mind in the nature of consciousness.

‘Yoga’ is making mind perfectly naked to enter into ‘The Eternal Knowledge of Truth’ – The Bless of “Divine Wisdom’.


It is only by Divine will that I joined the spiritual journey of swami Gyanratna by venturing to command his second Gyanratna by venturing to command his second books ‘Divine wisdom’. Having practiced yoga for 30 years, visiting Hrishikesh, kedarnath and badrinath being in the proximity of saints and seers like swami satya – sangananda saraswati, the author has achieved spiritual gains to elevate deserving aspirants.

The books carries abundant informations on Avaita , raja yoga , karma yoga , bhakti yoga meditation and sannaysa for seekers and practitioners ,pilgrims and also tourists.

There are graphics but ‘fearsome details of the Himalayan Tsunami of june -2013 in uttarakhand causing severe death and destructions of properties and land. The Author attributes his being saved by his Guru’s grace by halting but reluctant return to Bengaluru, heeding the call of his daughter.

But this was ‘spiritual compensation through divine dispensation’ while returning from ‘The World yoga conventions at munger by train he experienced the cosmic oneness of godhead and Brahmananda’.


I am always fascinated by Natures beauty and charm. Whenever I can across a garden , a forest of tress , I instantly merge with the solitude of silence in nature . The divinity of god is always reflected in it . Nature has no consciouseness . Doesn’t the same divines reflects in our consciousness ? why ? know yourself . This is the sadhana of our ‘Human Life ’.

My spiritual journey started way back in 1983. I was leading a very comfortable life as an Engineer. Althoughts I was a disciplined and dedicated person, I lost the directions of my life as a “magical moment” through the books ‘sadhana’ by Swami Sivananda maharaja.

In the early days of my student’s career, I was inspired by the books ‘Exaperiments with Truth’ by Mahatma Gandhi. I used attend Mind blowing discourses of swami Chimmayanda regularly . I have read and re- read Gita many times. The Gita –a scriptural yoga taught me the guidance of the book ‘sadhana’ by mansa Guru swami sivananda of Rishikesh . I practiced ‘Satyananda Yoga’ – asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and menditations swami satyanada who heralded the yoga movement in the modern world.

In 1995 , swami Niranjananada saraswati of sannyas peeth , Mungur, a spirituals successor of swami satyanada , initiated me to karma sannyasa as “Swami Gyanratna “ . I had ‘Ganga Darshan,’ munger under the guidance of Guru Swami Niranjannadaji. Thus I have teaversed in the parampra of these great gurus.

My spiritual journey has crossed several years. The high ideals taught by my Gurus are my guidelines in my sadhana . They are offering seva; regular practice of Yogasana, pranayama and meditation; reading spiritual books; attending satsangs; practicing classical music and bhajans.

My music guru is ‘Karnataka Kala Sri’ Sri A. Sundaramurthy. He is my inspirations . He is a jnani and has intuitive Knowledge on music.

I also attend Rikhia peeth annually for ‘sita kalyan’ , ‘Yoga Poornima’ and ‘ Sat chandi Mahanyajna ’ Rikhia Peeth , the tapo Bhoomi of swami satyananda has developed into a vibrant spiritual epicenter abundant in peaces , plenty and prodperity . Now swami Satyasangananda Saraswati, a disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati a disciple of Swami Satyasnanda is the Peetha – dheeshwari of Rikhia peeth.

My activities include going around Atma Darshan Yogashram and I am involved in the development of ashram at Kumaraswamy layout Bengaluru as Karma Yogi.

Sadhana is a magic of my life. It has infused everlasting energy and transformed me into spiritual awakening . Gradually all my questions on ‘Life’ vanished. I feel relaxed , serene and peaceful . I understood the essence of beautiful life and inspired living.

An incident in 2009: Smt. Ranta , my beloved wife – a caring mother of our son , daughter ,daughter – in – law , son –in – law and loving and loving four grand children , left us suddenly after a very brief illness. She was aged 63 years. Inspite of best medical care and support she did not servive. She tooks heavenly abode on 15th Jan. 2009 – ‘Makara Sankranti day’

She was intelligent, very disciplined, a symbol of love, care, selflessness and a courageous woman. Her demise was a great loss to me. I became a fish out of water. Although it was a great shock of my life, I accepted the verdict of the Almighty courageously and peacefully.

Inspired by my sadhana for 4 years after the demise of my wife. The World Yoga Conventions was held at Munger from 23rd to oct . 2013. The occasion was ‘A Golden jubilee of Yoga’ of Bihar School of Yoga, associated with ‘’The World Yoga Conventions’. I was fortunate to attend the conventions.

We were about 40,000 delegates from India and abroad. The Munger town was brilliantly converted into a ‘ City of Yoga ’ by the ashramites and devotees of ‘Bihar School of Yoga ’ and ‘Sannyas Peeth ’ Munger . All the delegates to the 5 days of the conventions . Several dignitaries and swamijis from India abroad spoke in the conventions on ‘Yoga and Human Life’. The talks were very elucidating and inspiring.


  Foreward i
  Preface vii
  Beautiy Of Nature 1
  Part - I  
  Holy Char Dharms Plus Two Sacred Places  
1 Kedarnath 11
2 Badrinath 15
3 Yamunothri 19
4 Gangothri 21
5 Hrishkesh 27
6 Uttarkasi 31
  Part - II  
  Divin Wisdom  
1 Shraddha(faith) 39
2 Soul 41
3 Brahman 47
4 Duality and non - duality 51
5 Raja yoga 55
6 Karma yoga 63
7 Bhakti yoga 69
8 Jnana yoga 75
9 Sadhana of silence 85
10 Menditation 93
11 Charity(dana) 99
12 Sannaysa 101
  Epilogue 109
  Message by swami tapovan maharaj  
  Harmony in Life Style  
1 The essence of gita 119
2 What is bramcharya 127
3 Life style managements 131
4 The ideal married life 135
1 Siva darshan at kedarnath 151
2 Grace - lifted at kedarnath 165
3 Ravaging floods of tsunami 179
  The Art of life Divine  
  The Selection from the works of Sri Aurobindo & the mother  
1 Savitri 204
2 Spiritual knowledge 208
3 The supreme word of the gita 210
4 The true aim of life 213
  Additional glossory  


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