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Indian Buddhism
Item Code: IDC216
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Essence of the Mahayana Teachings (A Commentary on Jigten Sumgon's Lam Rim text)
by Khenpo Samdup
Paperback (Edition: 2015)
Majnu ka Tila
Item Code: NAH835
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Buddha Carita of Asvaghosa
by Shanti Lal Nagar
Hardcover (Edition: 2011)
Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Item Code: NAC441
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A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life
Item Code: IHF005
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Vajra Yogini
by Sumati Arya
Paperback (Edition: 2002)
Rajasthan Patrika
Item Code: NAC836
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Buddhist Meditation
Item Code: NAH295
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Love and Sympathy in Theravada Buddhism
Item Code: IDC236
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Tara in Hinduism: Study with Textual and Iconographical Documentation
by Bikas Kumar Bhattacharya
Hardcover (Edition: 2003)
Eastern Book Linkers
Item Code: IDJ751
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Activating Bodhichitta and a Meditation on Compassion
Item Code: IHF002
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Thoughts on Sankhya, Buddhism and Vedanta
by Swami Abhedananda
Hardcover (Edition: 1989)
Ramakrishna Vedanta Math
Item Code: IDG970
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The Prajnaparamita Literature
Item Code: IDC902
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SUNYATA (The Essence of Mahayana Spirituality)
Item Code: IDC910
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The Buddha's Ancient Path
Item Code: IDE102
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Candragomin’s Twenty Verses on the Bodhisattva Vow
Item Code: NAC670
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Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Literature
by Sukumari Bhattacharji
Hardcover (Edition: 2011)
The Asiatic Society
Item Code: NAC516
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Fast and reliable service.
Dharma Rao, Canada
You always have a great selection of books on Hindu topics. Thank you!
Gayatri, USA
Excellent e-commerce website with the most exceptional, rare and sought after authentic India items. Thank you!
Cabot, USA
Excellent service and fast shipping. An excellent supplier of Indian philosophical texts
Libero, Italy.
I am your old customer. You have got a wonderful collection of all products, books etc.... I am very happy to shop from you.
Usha, UK
I appreciate the books offered by your website, dealing with Shiva sutra theme.
Antonio, Brazil
I love Exotic India!
Jai, USA
Superzoom delivery and beautiful packaging! Thanks! Very impressed.
Great service. Keep on helping the people
Armando, Australia
I bought DVs supposed to receive 55 in the set instead got 48 and was in bad condition appears used and dusty. I contacted the seller to return the product and the gave 100% credit with apologies. I am very grateful because I had bought and will continue to buy products here and have never received defective product until now. I bought paintings saris..etc and always pleased with my purchase until now. But I want to say a public thank you to whom it may concern for giving me the credit. Thank you. Navieta.
Navieta N Bhudu
Mahayana Buddhist Literature
Of the numerous Mahayana works, nine books, ‘so-called nine Dharmas’, which are held in great reverence, deserve to be specially noted inasmuch as they trace the origin and development of Mahayana as also point out its fundamental teachings. They are: Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita, Saddharmapundarika-Sutra, Lalitavistara, Lankavatara, Suvarnaprabhasa, Gandavyuha, Tathagata-guhyaka, Samadhiraja and Dasabhumisvara. They are also known as Vaipulya-Sutras.

The Prajnaparamitas belong to the earliest Mahayana sutras and are considered to be the most holy and the most valuable of all Mahayana works. They are further of great importance from the point of view of religion. Of the different recensions of the Prajnparamitais, the Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita is probably the earliest.

The Saddharmapundarika-Sutra is the most important Mahayana sutra and as a work of literature it stands foremost. It deals with the characteristic peculiarities of Mahayana and is more devotional. It is the main scripture of a few sects in China and Japan.

The Lalitavistara is a biography of Buddha, more divine than human. In twenty-seven chapters, the text gives us an account of the Buddha legend up to the sermon of Varanasi, embodying in it all the germs of an epic. It exhibits all the remarkable features of Mahayana. From the points of view of the history of religion and literature, it is of immense value to us.

The Lankavatara presents us with valuable material for the study of the early Yogacara system. It teaches Vijnanavada. According to it, nothing exists but thought.

The Suvarnaprabhasa-Sutra is also one of the later Mahayana works. A few fragments of this work have been discovered in Central Asia. It is both philosophical and ethical. Tantric rituals are further referred to herein. It is very popular in Mahayana Buddhist countries.

The Gandavyuha which is not yet available in Sanskrit corresponds to the Chinese translation of the Avatamsaka which comes just after the Satasahasrika Prajnaparamita and Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita. It depicts the wanderings of the youth Sudhana who attained the highest knowledge through the advice of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. It is quoted several times in the Siksa-samuccaya. At the end of the Gandavyuha, there are a few verses which are used even at the present day for purposes of worship in all the Mahayana Buddhist countries.

The Tathagataguhyaka, which probably belonged to the seventh century A.D., contains Mahayana teachings mingled with elements of Tantricism. It is regarded as one of the authoritative works on the earliest Tantras.

The Samadhiraja Sutra which is also one of the works of later Mahayana sutras lays the greatest emphasis on meditation for the attainment of perfect knowledge. It also enumerates the practices necessary for developing the mental state.

The Dasabhumisvara contains an exposition of the ten stages of spiritual progress essential for the attainment of Buddhahood (enlightenment).

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