43" Goddess Kali - Large Size In Brass | Handmade | Made In India
  • Blackwithnaturalbrass
  • Natural Brass
  • Antique Chola
  • Black Green Gold
  • Sindoori Black
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43 inch Height x 27.5 inch Width x 15.5 inch Depth
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51.00 inch Height x 46.50 inch Width x 19.00 inch Depth
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42" The Invincible Pratyangira (Atharvana Bhadrakali) In Brass | Handmade | Made In India
  • Double Chola
  • Natural Brass
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42 inch Height x 35.5 inch Width x 14.5 inch Depth
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32 inch Height x 21.5 inch Width x 11 inch Depth
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32.2 inch Height x 20.5 inch Width x 13 inch Depth
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32.5 inch Height x 18.5 inch Width X 10 inch Depth
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33 inch x 24 inch x 8.5 inch
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2.2 ft X 1.0 ft X 0.6 ft
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She who is death, and the symbol of feminine energy who is the creator, mother and provider

Even after being commonly viewed as being the most powerful and effective Hindu goddess, Ma Kali is the goddess who is most misinterpreted. Unless someone is prepared to look with good judgment behind the mask of dramatic visuals about Kali, her gloomy and ferocious form is unquestionably scary and challenging to comprehend. Ramakrishna Paramahansa first characterized Ma Kali as the Omnipotent Mother of the World to the contemporary age. The imagination of Ma Kali roused India to its ancient religious heritage and distributed the consistent message of meditation to the entire globe through Ramakrishna, an avatar for so many. Ma Kali is kala shakti, also widely recognized as time's authority. She appears to be wearing a garland of skeletal remains since she wants to convey the message that all things are temporary. She is, nevertheless, also the superior power of time, capable of turning us from mere humans into immortals. Kali symbolizes limitless space, the unimaginable nothingness, in addition to unlimited time, as her dark blue complexion suggests. All presence is her mystical dance of transition. The sovereign power, recognised as vidyut shakti—the electrical force of conscious experience is held by Kali. Her inexorable strength is the origin of the embodiment of all the divinities and the world.

Even though it is partly true that Kali is the divinity of death, she also signifies the eventual destruction of the ego, which refers to the illusory self-centered point of view on truth. She has never been depicted killing something other than demons in Hindu legends, in contrast to the Hindu god Yama, she also isn't specifically linked towards how people are dying.  It is accurate that both Shiva and Kali are suspected to settle permanently in crematoriums, and believers regularly visit these places to practice meditation. By simply repeating the reality that the body is a transient condition, we can negate the concept that we worship our bodies instead of praising death.

She is among the most empathetic of all the embodiments of Devi because she confers her descendants moksha, or emancipation. She is Shiva the Destroyer's reverse. They are the individuals who tear down fiction. The ego is frightened whenever it sees Mother Kali since it acknowledges in her its very own imminent disaster. Mother Kali might very well show up in a frightening form to an ordinary person who is connected to their ego and who is not responsive to her. Mother Kali would seem to a seasoned soul who participates in meditation experience, to negate the false impression of the ego, as she is extremely nice, lovable, and overflowing with unimaginable love for her descendants.

Yoga's innate strength, or shakti, is recognised as Kali. In its truest form, yoga involves merging with others and trying to return to the Divine origin of all presence. Nirodha, or total mental emphasis and ego obliteration, is the fundamental basis of yoga. The Upanishads' neti-neti, or "not like this, not really that," power is referred to as nirodha shakti, or Kali. Via Kali's compassion and encouragement, Kundalini shakti, the concealed yogic strength of transition inside of us, is at work. Each of our chakras, or energy centers, disintegrate as Kundalini begins to rise, having returned us to Ma Kali's final residence of sheer unity conscious experience. Shiva is Mahakala, the wonderful master of eternity, and Kali is the Shakti that is inherent in Shiva.


Q1. How is Goddess Kali so powerful?

She is the untamed, powerful, and unreservedly lovable power current that runs through you.

Q2. How is Kali Puja celebrated?

Worshipers respect the goddess Kali throughout kali puja by arranging clay carvings of her in temporarily constructed open religious shrines. At night, she is loved and respected utilizing Tantric rites and mantras. She should always be offered service of sweet treats, rice, lentils, and red hibiscus blossoms.

Q3. How do I attract Goddess Kali?

There is only one way to please the goddess Kali. First, he must have a true devotion to her, and then she would call. She is very kind and generous. At the same time, she is also very strict and won't back down from giving terrible hurt if he does not perform his Seva-bhakti strictly as per the prescribed vidhi-vidhan. Therefore only he who is the fiercest should approach her or his life would suddenly become a series of painful events.