10.00 inch Height X 8.00 inch Width X 5.00 inch Depth
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8" Brass Naga Kanya (Snake Maiden)
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  • Green Chola
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8.6 inch Height x 6.00 inch Width X 4.2 inch Depth
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16.00 inch Height X 9.00 inch Width X 8.00 inch Depth
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13.5 inch Height x 6.3 inch Width x 2.8 inch Depth
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The powerful Snake Daughter that endows knowledge and power

A potent ancient Indian legend symbol, Naga Kanya is often alluded to as the "Ageless Deity of India," "Mother Protector," or "Snake Child." It is believed that this snake deity, who boasts powerful spiritual knowledge and strength, dwells in the netherworld. She is believed to have risen from the grave to use her supernatural power and knowledge to aid those who needed assistance. Naga Kanya is the child of the serpent, the guardian of wealth, and the decent goddess of the three realms. She is indeed the snake of the rainbow.  Nagas are sinuous demons from Hindu mythology who dwell in the netherworld and preserve and deliver the Mother Goddess's wisdom. They are believed to protect all spiritual and profound knowledge, only revealing them to individuals who face them with sincerity. As a  compensation, they provide the seeker treasures and protection. The Nagas are also alluded to as apsaras, or cosmic fairies, who rule over both visible and unseen realms of existence. Damaging the environment in which they are believed to dwell is regarded as extremely disrespectful. 

Naga Kanya is the supreme of all these serpents. In regions of China, Tibet, and India's Eastern cultures, she shines out as a beloved mystical companion. Hooded cobras are often seen presiding over her crown. She has five snakes in some stories and paintings, seven or nine in the others. Someone who has achieved a very greater standard of introduction and has completely awakened Kundalini energy is identified by the number of serpents atop the crown of the Naga Kanya. Naga Kanya is a solitary deity across several mythical cultures. Nevertheless, among some, the "Naga Kanya" are a whole clan of snake fairy beings. The Hindu deity of fortune and abundance Lakshmi is commonly discussed in stories concerning Naga Kanya. In opposition to the other nagas, who are believed to be terrified of being consumed by Garuda, Vishnu's legendary bird ride, Naga Kanya is also believed to be Vishnu's companion or friend. Naga Kanya is venerated in Buddhist traditions as a Tantric deity and protector of the Dharma. As per his devotees, Naga Kanya confers a variety of blessings, including riches, rainfall, companionship, romance, spiritual development, nirvana, fortunate circumstances, compassion, safety, wisdom, and support.

Ophiolatry (worship of snakes) has been extensively practiced all throughout humanity's history in varied incarnations. Its passionate vilification has even been viewed as a form of worship, and this passion for denunciation originates from a deep-seated terror. The fear of reality is extremely strong. To investigate the significance of the snake as a metaphor- I Its very own self is the place it seeks comfort from its venom. It sheds its old, dull skin, revealing a brand-new one for the universe. It's the energy gathering traction and the Kundalini rising. The naga is a species that is frequently linked to waterways and is believed to live anywhere between lakes and ponds to seas. We can think of water as our human emotional essence. The naga is a humanoid water snake with eagle wings. Air, water, as well as the earth, everything is present all around Naga Kanya. However, one may ask where the fourth element is, fire.  She could perhaps be described as her own unique fire;  the dakini unfettered. She is an immaculate creation and kundalini power. She is the link that wakes us to cosmic intelligence.


Q1. Are Nagas good or bad?

Nagas have been villainized for a long time, but they are warriors of the good side. 

Q2. Where at home can you place a naga kanya sculpture?

The sculpture/statue can be used for decorative purposes and can be placed at any of the rooms people inhabit.