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A brief introduction to Vastushastra and how it affects all parameters of life

Vastu shastra are texts on the customary Indian way of architecture. These texts depict standards of the plan, design, estimations, ground readiness, space arrangement, and spatial maths. The plans expect to coordinate architecture with nature, the overall functions of different parts of the architecture, and antiquated convictions using geometric patterns (yantra), evenness, and directional alignments. Vastu Shastra is the textual piece of Vastu Vidya - the more extensive information about architecture and design speculations from old India. Vastu Vidya is an assortment of thoughts and ideas, regardless of the help of layout outlines, that are not inflexible. Rather, these thoughts and ideas are models for the association of space and form inside a building or assortment of buildings, in view of their capabilities comparable to one another, their use and the general texture of the Vastu. Old Vastu Shastra standards incorporate those for the plan of Mandir (Hindu sanctuaries), and the standards for the plan and design of houses, towns, urban communities, gardens, streets, waterworks, shops and other public regions. 

Vastu, artworks and architecture are customarily ascribed to the heavenly Vishwakarma in the Hindu pantheon. Vastu Vidya is as old as the Vedic time frame and connected to ritual architecture. As indicated by Michael W. Meister, the Atharvaveda contains sections with spiritualist cosmogony which give a worldview to cosmic preparation, however, they didn't address architecture.

The best Vastu Tips

  • According to Vastu tips for a new home, the house's principal entrance isn't just the passage point of the family yet additionally for vibes and energies. The fundamental entry point of your home ought to confront the north, east, or northeast course. It should be constructed in a way that when you step out, you face the north, east, or northeast course. Prior to purchasing or building a house, ensure the arrangement centres around these specific directions.

  • In any house, the living area is the most dynamic region of the house and makes the initial impression on visitors when they enter. The living room ought to be sans clutter. The front or living space of your new home should be situated in the east, north, or northeast course. Moreover, the furniture in that room ought to be set in the west or southwest course. Doing this will guarantee that your home has no Vastu dosh.

  • For wellbeing and to keep up with prosperous relations, bedrooms ought to be in the southwest course. The upper east bearing causes medical problems, while the southeast facing room can cause squabbles among couples. Additionally, the bed ought to be set in the room's southwest corner, with the head pointing toward the west.

  • According to Vastu, the kids' room ought to be planned in the southwest direction. Children ought to lay down with their heads towards the south or the east, as this guarantees good luck and a feeling of harmony.

  • Vastu Shastra accompanies extra guidelines for the condition of the multitude of rooms in the house. Take care that the rooms in your home follow straight lines and are in a square or rectangular shape. Try not to involve any circular furnishings or rooms as it isn't reasonable according to Vastu.


Q1. What Vastu trick will bring more money into an individual’s home?

You can enable the wealth part of your room by putting a purple accessory or furniture, a green houseplant and a little streaming fountain.

Q2. Which is Kubera corner in Vastu?

As per Vastu shastra, the upper east corner of the house is ruled by Lord Kuber, so negative objects like toiletries, shoe racks or massive furniture ought to be eliminated from that direction.