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Stotras - the sacred Verses that can help you in times of turmoil

The Vedic stotra is made out of stanzas taken mostly from the Rgveda. These sections are recited according to the principles of sound, particularly those of the Sāmaveda. A stotra consistently goes before a śastra. It very well might be in any of the multitudinous tunes, and stobhas are added at proper spots. All stotras are recited or sung by the udgātṛ and his associates, prastotṛ, and pratihartṛ. As indicated by the purāṇas and devotional writing, a stotra is a song of the generous feelings of the heart of the true devotee of God. Stava, stuti, and nati are the counterparts for the word stotra. However, they might be in any language, either in exposition or in verse. The topic of these stotras goes from the brilliant levels of reasoning or supernatural encounters to the appealing to the little solaces of life at this very moment. A couple of these are referenced here: 

  • The portrayal of the type of God or a divinity found in a dream

  • Demand for exculpation of sins committed purposely or accidentally

  • Supplication for the expulsion of issues and troubles and solicitation for the award of the beneficial things of life

  • Longing for acquiring dedication, information, and separation that helps one in otherworldly life

  • The unconstrained explosion of feeling after the profound otherworldly experience, etc.

Stotras containing 108 names, 300 names, or 1008 names of divinity are likewise normally met with. They are utilized for the most part in chanting customs or ceremonial prayers. One more sort called Suprabhāta-stotras is likewise very normal and famous. Custom recommends that these stotras can be recited after prayer or meditation.

The benefits of Stotras

One of the most popular Stotras is the one offered to the Sun God, Surya- the Aditya Hridayam Stotram. Some of its essential benefits are-

  • The songs honor the Sun God, who gives the Earth light and warmth, both of which are fundamental for supporting life in the world. Also, since Ravi Var (Sunday) is committed to the love of the Sun God, you can look for his generous beauty and get showered with his choicest gifts. In this way, you might express gratitude toward him for supporting a wide range of life on the planet.

  • Since both light and warmth are innate qualities of the Sun God, you can stimulate yourself intellectually by discussing this consecrated Stotram.

  • Essentially during tough times, this Stotram goes about as an enhancer of one's immune system and mental booster for the body and the psyche, separately. 

  • Like Shri Ram crushed Ravana and accomplished triumph over evil, you also can beat the difficulties in your day-to-day existence. This Stotram assists an individual with recovering the self-confidence they lost and helps him/her emphasize her objective to win.

  • It is accepted that exposing your body to the Sun during daytime (roughly between 10 am to 2 PM) assists the body with creating Vitamin D. Aside from this, we wouldn't have the option to survive on the earth without the Sun. Thus, the recitation of the Aditya Hridayam is a gesture of thankfulness. By offering thanks, we can look for the endowments of the Surya Dev.


Q1. What is the simple meaning of the word “Stotra”?

Stotra or stotram is a Sanskrit word that signifies "tribute, commendation or a song of praise." It is a scholarly classification of religious Indian texts intended to be melodically sung, as opposed to a shastra which is made to be presented.

Q2. What are some of the notable Stotras?

  • Shiva Tandava Stotram

  • Dakshinamurti Stotram

  • Shiv Mahimna Stotra

  • Panchakshara Stotra

  • Ram Raksha Stotra

  • Mahishasuramardini Stotra

  • Maruti Stotra

  • Agasti Lakshmi Stotra

  • Dvadasha Stotra

  • Radha Sahasranama Stotra