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Buy intricate Mughal Paintings & Art. We also have beautiful Mughal Miniature Paintings depicting various scenes from the Mughal Dynasty at ExoticIndia.

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MK52 : Festival of Kites

HF29 : The Royal Celebration

PH94 : Ragini

HE72 : Caricatured Europeans

MF10 : Jehangir the Falconer

MB13 : Mughal Harem

MP89 : Calligraphic Falcon

MJ52 : Camel

PH22 : Laila’s Messenger Meets Majnu in the Forest

ME98 : Babur - Founder of the Mughal Dynasty

PH03 : Crossing the River

MG01 : Shah Jahan

MJ24 : When All Elements are in Harmony

MF82 : Acclamation of Nine Standards

MF52 : Bangles as a Token of Love

MI45 : Flower Seller in Mina Bazar

MJ08 : Jahangir with Nurjahan in Royal Garden

MH76 : Lovers Meet

MI55 : Maharana Sangram Singh

MH83 : The Wedding Procession of a Mughal Prince

AC79 : Royal Camel

MF44 : Shah Jahan

MJ11 : The Desperate Passion (Bundi School)

MK13 : The Young Damsel Dressing Her Hair

MJ91 : The Young Princess Absorbed in Portraying Her Lord

MJ63 : Prince Sporting with Harem Inmates

MJ62 : A Folk Dancer from Rajasthan

MJ61 : The Noble Lady Feeding Her Pet Peacock

MJ02 : The Heroine in Her Wind Palace

MK46 : Co-existence A Landscape Based on the Panchatantra and Gita-Govinda

MB77 : Mumtaz Mahal

MB78 : Shah Jahan

MG85 : Over the Top

MJ35 : Hindu Sadhus

MK47 : Aurangzeb

MK48 : Butterfly Hovering Over Flowers

MK49 : Mughal Flower

MK50 : Mughal Flower with Butterfly

MK45 : Akara Wild Plant

MK44 : Garlic Plant

MF92 : The Inner Workings of an Emperor's Mind

MK09 : A Sufi Saint

MF55 : Two Groups of Ascetics Battling

MK21 : The World is Symmetrical

MK23 : Portrait of a Bride

MK22 : Portrait of an Indian Bride

MK17 : Gypsies of India Series -1

MK19 : Gypsies of India Series -3

MK20 : Gypsies of India Series -4

MK07 : Calligraphic Harp

MK05 : The Calligraphic Hand

MJ94 : Textile Trader

MJ72 : Peacock Necklace

MJ57 : A Friendship That Blossomed By The Well

MJ64 : Festival of Kites

MJ55 : Portrait of A Missionary

MJ34 : Ecstasy and Elation

MJ33 : A Moment Of Inward Reminiscence Of A Mughal Princess

MH82 : The Royal Couple Engaged in Love

MJ10 : The Likeness of a Zebra

MG22 : Summer Has Arrived!

MI44 : Fruits Seller’s Shop

MJ18 : Ladies at Bangles’ Shop

MJ01 : Mughal Emperor Shahjahan and Empress Mumtaj Mahal (Set of Two Paintings)

FE34 : Tawny Eagle

MI96 : The Princess

MG98 : Punishment

MG73 : A Beautiful and Grave Situation

MH29 : Beautifying His beloved

MG81 : Delight Inside the High Walls of the Fort

MI90 : Pendant-Portrait of Jahangir with Jesus

MG42 : Playing the Harp

MI75 : Court Musicians

MI74 : Royal Hawk Used for Falconry

MG26 : Pendant-Portrait of Jahangir with Jesus

MI66 : The Angel with Fish

MI41 : A Mughal Prince

MI39 : Tiger Hunt

MI25 : A Mughal Princess

MH30 : Noble Lady Holding a Jewel

MH21 : An Amorous Couple (Bundi School)

MG82 : Deep Emotion

MG55 : Our Lady of the Mughals

MG35 : Old Man

MG38 : The Taj Mahal

ME15 : Man Eating Animals

MF84 : The Court of Gayumars

MC34 : The Gypsies

SF14 : Dhapli player

SF16 : Solo musician